The Man Show

Call me a pig, but I love Girls Jumping on Trampalines! May just be my panty fetish, but you gotta love the Juggies jumping on a trampaline. Does anyone else watch TMS just to see the end credits?

What else could you watch it for. Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t think it’s funny.

Does anyone else watch TMS just to see the end credits?


Well, I like to watch it whenever I get the chance. And the whole thing, IMHO, is funny as hell. I laugh my ass off every time. I love that show.
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I have no problem with the concept of The Man Show it’s just not as funny as it should be. Sometimes the bits hit their mark, but usually I think, “Wow, that might have been funny if they had clever writers.”

Thus the girls jumping on trampalines. I fucking love you, Jimmy Kimmel!

Don’t forget Adam Corolla(sp?). I didn’t think that guy could get any funnier than on love-line, but I was wrong.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win, but those who never win and never quit are idiots.”

Now, what’s the deal with this guy who downs the beer?

Still haven’t figured that one out.

I watch it. Some of the skits are boring or disgusting, but most of it I like. What ever happened to the Happy Hour show with the Zappa boys? That was good, too, but it looks like it was cancelled after one season.

I don’t really like the Man Show…I much prefer the “X” Show on FX network

The Man Show is better than the X Show, IMHO - but I’m a girl, so what do I know about those kinds of things.

I don’t usually watch it, but two or three weeks ago they did ‘The Woman Show’ and made fun of all those Home and Garden/Craft shows. I am a big fan of those shows so I didn’t really want to watch Jimmy and Adam spoofing them, but my boyfriend made me. It was really, really funny and very clever. They should do that more often.

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I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that I was raised by an ardent feminist mother, and a father who let me know constantly that I was never to take shit for being a woman, but I find it increadibly offensive. I think referring to women as Juggies isn’t funny, when I deal with men assuming I am set of breasts with a head attached every day. If you substituted all the misogynist slurs in that show (and The X Show) with racial slurs, it would be pulled off the air immediately. Parody my ass.

However, I’m an ACLU type: if we want our freedom of expression intact, we have to let EVERYONE have it. But that doesn’t mean I commend it.

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I forget his name, but he used to be a fixture in a Westwood bar called the Fox Inn (near UCLA), where he regaled frat boys with ribald drinking songs and his upside-down chugging prowess.


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His name is Fox, or The Fox. He’s supposedly the fastest beer drinker in the world.

I was raised in a feminist household too. Personally, I think The Man Show is a riot. It’s a parody. The hosts don’t take it seriously–why should I?

My favorite part is Household Hints From Adult Film Stars. Wow, what a great recipe for juice pops! :wink:

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The man show sucks! I saw it a few days ago.

The man show is hilarious, but some of the bits fall flat. The overweight baby just annoys me every time it comes on… but Household Tips From Adult Movie Stars more than makes up for it. And who can forget Doodie Loads or Shotgun Beer (The beer with two pull tabs!)?

The X Show on the other hand is 4 of the most effeminate guys I’ve ever seen trying to tell people how to be “Real Men”. However, they do have better women on the X Show… so I guess I don’t mind it. Just would rather get my manly advice from Adam.
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