The Man Who Folded Himself - What changes?

Someone elsewhere made the throwaway line that the ebook and more recent editions of this novel have made some changes to the storyline.

Despite attempting to find what changes these have been via a google search I have been bereft of success, anyone know what they are, my interest is piqued.


That was me.

The changes are very minor, but very annoying if you’ve previously read the book. Mostly they have to do with updating tech in the book so that it’s set in the present day rather than in the early 1970s: CDs instead of LP records, the internet & computers, etc.

The storyline is the same, it’s just aspects of surrounding environs that have been “updated”.

I’ll have to seek out a more recent edition. The Man Who F—ed Himself (Sorry. Irresistible.) is one of my favorite novels!

I should prolly point out that I only know of the differences in the text between the 1st edition and the ebook version I bought on iTunes.

I have no idea if any other hardcopy print versions have the original text or not. For all I know, Mr. Gerrold updated the text every few years ever since it was first published.

Gerrold pulled the same trick in his book When Harlie was One, revising and re-issuing it when it was so obviously bypassed by advances in computers and electronics.

Of course, his revision is hopelessly outdated too, unless he’s updated it again.

Ah, I see, thank you (and the others!)

Is there still the passing reference to preventing (and then reconsidering the prevention of) the assassination of Robert Kennedy? I can see why this might hold limited significance to a modern younger audience, born a decade or more after the event.