The "Maryland Governor's Mansion"

It was a slow day at the office. We won’t really return to work until Saturday; by then all the Ramadan and Eid stuff should have died down.

So I spent the day listening to Jon. He went on an on about a number of subjects. It is best to let him talk.

One of the subjects he choose to pontificate on was the “Maryland Governor’s Mansion.”

The real mansion is in Annapolis near the State House. I know that, you know that. Heck I am from Maryland.

But Jon went on and on about the MGM in Bowie, a wondrous building that is marked by exceptionally large laurel trees around the building and a driveway shaded by some other sort of tree, spaced 100 M apart. (!) He further states George Washington used to hang there during horse racing season.

(OK, there is a track in Bowie.)

Given these clues, who can give me a link to (correctly) identify this building and so slam-dunk Jon?

I’m from a town very close to Bowie, and I never heard of it.

Then again Bowie is a big sprawling place.

Well, I looked at two postcard sites, and one ( ) lists it as being in Annapolis and the other ( ) shows a completely different building. If that helps.

How odd!

Number One is Unknown (to me) building. Number Two is the Mansion from inside the fence.


Your friend is confusing the historic Belair Mansion in Bowie “Home of the Governors”, with the official Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis.

The Belair Mansion

Google up “Belair Mansion”. There’s lots of info.

Once again SDMB to the rescue…

Much thanks.