The Master Lock Question

Sorry, I posted this to MPSIMS already… Anyway, anybody know the trick (if there is one) to finding the combination to a Master lock (besides being told/reading the little card that comes with it)?

I think actually disclosing the ‘secret’ on this board might raise the ire of the powers that be.

There are at least two methods I’ve seen that are alleged to work on some Master brand locks, but I’ve never been able to get either to work. I pick locks legally, when necessary, but I’ve not gotten this to work.

Of course, once you know the first two numbers, the nature of the combination lock is that you can open it just by pulling on it at each point around the dial.

At any rate, if one wanted to find the mystical method for opening Master locks that has never worked for me, one might be able to do a search on google. One might even find a web page that steps you through it.

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