The Master Theorom - Crayola Madness

Link to puzzle

I’m feeling really dumb on this. 1450+ people have solved it but not me :frowning:

Someone please give me a hint. Here’s where I am so far:

The six crayons have RGB color codes of 3BB08F, 80DAEB, etc (from this page). I’ve tried splitting those up into 18 decimal numbers (59, 176, 143, 128, 218, 235, etc) and mapping those the alphabet and/or ascii codes.

Am I on the right track?

You started off good, but you’re getting cold now. If I say any more, you might as well use the hint options yourself.

The third hint gives it completely away, which kinda sucks.

Ok, I got it.

I was trying to conserve points by not using the hints. But you can logoff, come in as a new user, use all the hints, and then go back to your logged on ID to solve without any penalty.

Probably how the others did it. Or maybe I was correct about being dumb. :dubious:

Naw, it made no sense as a puzzle, really. Why in the world would you do what was in hint 3, and not do it some other way?

I agree. A very poor puzzle - somewhat arbitrary.