The Mazda Miata Thread

I was going to get a hard top–and never did. Don’t really miss it. The other problem is where to store it when it isn’t on the car, takes a lot of room. I just found the ragtop was fine, and it is so easy to take down when the weather is nice. It just seemed like the hard top would always be on during the wrong time to me.

However if you do buy one, my advice is to do it in the spring or summer. Not in the fall or winter. Seems the prices go up when it starts to drizzle, or at least it seemed that way to me.

Good luck with your car. I enjoy mine and I am sure you will enjoy yours as well.

Yae!! :smiley:


May you enjoy many a mile and smile in your Miata!

Look out! The Miata may make you gay!

Well,. good thing I live in a country where two men can get married.

I better tell the wife to get packing.
“(sing song voice) HONEY… We have to talk!”