The Medicus golf tool. How does it work?

Perhaps you’ve seen this tool. It’s basically a golf club that has a shaft which collapses. Apparantly, if your swing is correct, it won’t collapse. But if there is a problem with the swing, it will. First question: does it really work? Second, how?

I found one for sale at a yard sale and got it. It seems to be a pretty good learning aid for the average golfer. If you can hit the ball consistently with the Medicus you have a pretty good swing. It’s not going to get you on the PGA tour and I’m not sure it’s worth the full asking price but I find that it does work and helps keep you on track if you don’t play that often

I’m not sure how it works in theory except that tempo has a lot to do with it, and swinging with the shoulders and hips rather than the arms and hands. If you stand still, look at the ball, and turn your body correctly and sort of let the arms and hands take care of themselves centrifugal force will tend to keep the joint from breaking.

I said I wasn’t sure if Medicus was worth the cost. I will say, though, that if you’re one of those who considers spending $350 to get a gee-whiz titanium driver with the latest space-age composite shaft just like Phil or Tiger or Ernie or Vijay uses, the Medicus will do a lot more for your game for a lot less money.

Compare it to a tool with a joint so it can get around corners and into tight places. If you hold it so the joint is up/down it will bend. If you hold it so it’s side/side it will maintain rigidity because it’s not designed to flex in that direction.

Well, it’s the same with this. Using the proper grip and swing will cause the shaft to remain rigid, but if you turn it slightly (which is ultimately what happens if you swing it incorrectly) it loses that tension and collapses. Therefore the only way to make it work is to swing correctly, and that is supposed to help you with your “muscle memory”.

I can promise you that this club is worth every penny if you can’t hit a golf ball or shoot 100+ no mulligans (which is probably the majority of golfers if they keep legitimate scores), but if you’re an experienced golfer shooting in the 80s you’re probably past the point at which this club will help much. I use my dad’s which is about 10 years old and only breaks in one place, I saw there’s a new one that breaks in two places which is supposed to be better. But yes, if you can hit the ball with this club you are swinging exactly perfect. If you break your arms or don’t turn the club face correctly it will break. I love this club and recommend it if you would like to improve your swing.

$350? Try $500. :cool:

If you’re going to get one, get the one with two swivel points, not just one. Works pretty good as others have said. It also makes you slow your swing down (swing slower to hit the ball farther), as any jerky motion will also make it colaps.