The Melanoma Centre- I Outdid Myself Today

As part of my regular check up, I get sun spots burned off before they become skin cancers. Today, I had 72 burned off- and they didn’t even touch my face. I have to undergo some special treatment for that with a cream that virtually makes you stay indoors for a month.


Eeeeyouch! What do they do the burning with? lasers? acid? a lit match?

Typo Knig had melanoma but they just do a thorough check every 6 months, and occasionally do a punch biopsy of a mole. So far nothing else has turned nasty (his melanoma was stage zero) but every visit we quote Star Trek “Soon there will be no Chekov, only samples”. Hence, his 6-month visits aren’t “check-ups” but, well, “chek-ovs”.

“Burn” here likely means freeze … as in cryogenically treating the offending tissue.

Yes- it was done with liquid nitrogen.

Aahhhhh! The fruits of a misspent youth! Well do I remember the days spent on the beach in North Queensland, coming home red as a lobster and blistered behind the knees. Touch wood, no skin cancers yet!