The Men In Black are back, jack

Men In Black International, that is…and it looks good to me. New faces, old faces, and new toys to play with.

I thought a big appeal of the earlier films was a result of Barry Sonnenfeld’s directing and I think someone else is directing this sequel. We’ll see if the new guy can do as well. (I doubt it, though. Sonnenfeld was also responsibly for the Addams Family movie and that also benefited from his involvement.)

This movie is falling into the same trap that all modern movies are falling into. It’s what I call “Marvel-ing”. Every movie in that genre has to be Fun! Quippy! Fights! Explosions! More Fights! Action!

The original MiB trilogy had it’s action-y parts here and there, but it was by no means an action movie. The comedy was more than just one-liners, it was fish-out-of-water/situational kind of comedy.

I’m sure I’ll see the movie with my A-list, but I’ll spend the whole time saying “The other three did this better…”

Other than Liam Neeson…super stoked about him

MiB was a great movie. The two sequels weren’t - they weren’t terrible, but they sure weren’t fabulous. So, really, this movie can be the second best of four movies without being a masterpeice.

Trailer looks good. I’ll see the movie if the reviews are decent.

I laughed at the end of the trailer, when Hemsworth throws a hammer at an alien. :slight_smile:

Twas a Tiny Hammer indeed.

The choice of director (F. Gary Gray) provides a little hope, though. He’s shown he can do comedy (Friday), action (The Italian Job’s chase scenes), and human interest (Straight Outta Compton).

Maybe. Remember, the trailer is going to be heavy on action and quips. That two minutes might comprise the sum total of all action in the movie. You very well might be right, but the trailer isn’t a good way to judge that.

wasn’t mib originally a marvel comic book?

It was originally a comic book, yes, though under indie publishers (first Aircel, then Malibu). The original MIB film was made after Marvel had bought Malibu, and that’s when Marvel started publishing MIB comics.

I’ll give it a try.

Yes, but the movie wasn’t made in the way the MCU movies (and plenty of other contemporary movies) are and that’s what I’m rebelling against.

It’s really more of a coincidence that it happened to be a comic rather than it being causative.

The Thompson/Hemsworth chemistry really worked for me in* Thor:Ragnarok*, so I’m optimistic.

I’m there for Emma Thompson returning as Agent O.

I love when actor duos pop up in multiple movies, so I’m in.

I disagree. Based on my 20-year-old recollections, it had a small number of hilarious moments but it was mostly a drag. Prior to this thread, it had been many years since I even heard anybody mention it. This looks to me like another reboot of a mediocre property that there’s no widespread demand for, and next year we’re also getting do-overs of Dumbo, Hellboy, etc… Hey Hollywood: make something original already!

This looks pretty fun. Not looking for art here.

I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed or relieved that the proposed “21 Jump Street”/“Men In Black” sequel didn’t come to fruition.

I don’t have the numbers to back it up, but I hesitate to believe any franchise that spawns three movies and a theme park ride can be considered “mediocre”.

While it might have been financially successful its not the franchise that made it so. Men in Black was Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Rip Thorn and Vincent D’Onofrio. I very much enjoyed seeing those people playing those characters and would love more of that. They are falling into the same trap the Ghostbusters remake fell into, there was nothing special about the theme, the success was entirely on the cast.