The metric system: Make your case for it and why we should switch to it. (As if we haven't already)

I remember turning one gigasecond old. It’s the only order of magnitude age that I remember, or am likely to remember…

I liked w/m^2 wind chill reporting, and I wish they’d go back to it. I realize I’m in a very small minority on this. And mostly it’s not because I find it intuitive or anything, I just hate hate hate it when people talk about the “feels like” wind chill “temperature” as if it’s the actual temperature.

When I was a kid in Saskatoon we got an educational clip of local weatherman Greg Barnsley explaining it to us. 2400 W/m^2 means you become a popsicle in 30 seconds, if I recall correctly.

EDIT: I’m with Gorsnak.