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Forgive me if this has been answered, I don’t have time to check each thread on the saubject, but

WHy is the U.S. considered to be the “daddy” of the world?
It has to try and mediate between each and every country feuding with each other?
Why would they even listen?

Also, why does the U.S> not consider the palestinians to be terrorists?
Is it to appease the Arab countries?

Thank you much.

Why does the US have to get involved.

Because we’re not a podunk 3rd class nation.

Because the US has global economic and political interests (to the extent they can be distinguished).

Because non-involvement is not free, and tends to rebound upon one in unexpected ways (e.g. the Rwanda non-intervention had political effects quite unexpected).

But for those of you in the heartland, because our capital comes from overseas because you all save too little and spend too much. Investment (as reflected in the current account/capital account imbalances) is funded with foreign savings.

Thus, sitting with one’s thumbs up ones butt, gazing at one’s navel will eventually have bad effects, not obvious at first but there.

As for the P’s and terror, well the world is a complicated place and as Brezhinski recently noted, neo-Leninist those who are not for us are agaisnt us thinking gets one in trouble.

Not all conflicts are reducable to good guys and bad guys if one wishes to pursue long-term national interest.

thank you.
Has the U.S. always stepped in in world conflicts?

By whom? Other than the US itself, of course. Granted, the US is a major political player - mostly because of its sheer size.

It doesn’t. The US either participates in UN missions, or picks its targets rather specifically - i.e., according to its own interests. That’s not as bad as it sounds: most countries do that.

If you follow the news and read up on US (political) history, you’ll see that a lot of those countries are really, really bad at listening. :wink:

“The Palestinians” aren’t terrorists. There are Palestinian terrorists, however. There’s a distinct difference there.

The US has “stepped in” in world conflicts for a few decades. It caught a lot of flack for staying out of WWII - at least until Pearl Harbor was bombed. That was definitely a major factor in changing US foreign policy forever.

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Duly noted: Palestinians aren’t terrorists.

If China and the Soviet Republic got intoa war, what would the U.S. do?(hi jack)

Sit back and open a beer, probably!

If China and Russia get into a war, you might want to have that beer in a fallout shelter. I’ll start digging, you bring the Moosehead.

The US would probably do jack. China, Russia and the US are all competitors, althoguh hopefully these days it’s more of a friendly competition rather than a knock down drag out fight. That said, if two of your competitors decide that want to settle it mana-a-mana, you’ll probably opt for the cold beer option too.