The Missionary Possition

You know all of those jokes about the traveling salesmen and the farmer’s daughter? Well the way I heard it told, those were oringally traveling missionary jokes. Apparantly, back in in olden (as in Medeval) times, missionaries were randy buggers who took gross advantage of the hospitality they were offered as men of God, and the possition that is now known as the missionary possition was the one they favored over all others - maybe because although they were horney they knew very little about sex?

Of course, this may very well be complete horse hockey, but that’s the way I heard it - and from a counselor in college who taught classes on human sexuality, no less.


Not only could be, but is.

There were no “missionaries” in “medeval” times.

Well, actually, there were quite a few, such as Sts. Cyril and Methodius and St. Boniface.

Not to mention St. Patrick and St. Brendan…

Yes, I did read the article. That was what prompted me to post the story I’d heard about the missionary possition in the first place.


Of course you read it, but maybe someone else who might be reading this thread hasn’t. Especially if this thread is still active a week later, when the original column would no longer be listed on the front page.

Mmm, sorry, I don’t identify those who were active in spreading the Christian faith to the heathens in Europe with the missionaries who were spreading the various Christian faiths to the heathens in the, say, 19th Century, so I didn’t think of that. My bad. :smack:

Never said you didn’t read it. It is pretty much de rigeur to include a link to the referenced column. Sheesh right back atcha.

Fair enough.

By the way, position has only one “s”.