The Moon has a hole in it!


No, it’s not a crater-apparently it’s a lava tube which collapsed. Oddly the Apollo program was going to go there, until the last few missions got canceled.

You may now commence with the MPSIMS type silliness.

Clearly, it’s the ejection port for Little David’s Sling. Right, Mannie?

Noticed an increase in large meteors lately? “Throw rocks at 'em!”

I may be the world’s biggest skeptic, but the picture looks like a fly speck on the camera lens, to me.

Or someone hung up the picture with a thumbtack.

Thats a deep hole into some kind of void for sure.

Look at all the other craters.

If the sunlight is hitting that area at a 45 degree angle to the surface that hole is at a minimum as deep as it it is wide.

All right, Skald–what did you do?

one of my favorite SF reads when I am depressed. I want to live on nthe moon =(

That was a remnant of Chairface Chippendale’s first test of his Lunar Laser Device, SPOOOOON!

When I saw this thread, my first thought was of the recent kinetic missile aimed at the moon.

“Ja, da, cobber! Throw BIG rocks!”

That hole is much bigger than a womp rat. Should be easy to hit.

IN the moon, tovarich. In the moon.

There’s a hole?

Gentlemen, Be Seated!

Ralph Kramden finally followed through.


Amazing how much lit there is about the moon, and how familiar it is =)

Nothing ever happens on the Moon.

Many of us can tell a hack from a Harshaw! :slight_smile:

Really? I was thinking it was Alice’sentrance hole.

That’s why Ralph Kramden followed through; see runner pat’s post.