The Most "Craft Types" You Have Combined In One Item

Here’s what I’m getting at, my mother was good at crafts, she could knit and crochet beautifully. She made really nice quilts (with a sewing machine), she did needle point and of course in the 70s made many things of macrame.

My favourite thing she made for me was a huge blanket which consisted of knitted squares and the squares were crocheted together. So that is combining two crafts, knitting and crocheting in one item. And that’s what I’m getting at.

So for you craft people, what’s the most different types of crafts you’ve combined to make one item. Like did you ever make a macrame plant holder, out of knitted and crocheted goods, with a needle point design? :slight_smile:

In high-school, I had to do a “batik”, using fabric, wax and dye. I did a copy of a Roger Dean album cover. I pinned it to the celing of my room.

Years later, I put it in a frame. Still loose, hung kinda baggy. I only did it cause I got the frame material real cheap. I had it hanging on the wall or celing wherever I was living.

Years later, I mounted it over a “shadow-box” type thingy. Put some lights behind it, and stretched the fabric tight. I had it on the celing over my work bench in a garage.

Years later, decided that the lights weren’t bright enough, and the colors weren’t deep enough when the lights were on. I found a piece of opaque plastic and duplicated the art, and applied paint (to match the art) on the plastic. I mounted the plastic behind the fabric (invisible in daylight) and installed 2 flourescent lights, complete with a handy inline cord switch. I sealed the backside of the “box” so no light escapes out of the sides. It hangs on the wall of my living room now. In daylight, it looks like a normal “something”, generic art thingy. At night, if all the lights are off and you turn it on, it is pretty stunning, in my opinion. And I’ve only carted it around for 30 years since high-school freshman art class.

If I had a camera and knew how to post pics, I would. I like it! :wink:

I often used techniques from crochet, lacemaking, macrame, embroidery, etc., in a knitted garment. It’s all just manipulation of fibers; distinctions are purely arbitrary.

OK, I gotta know…which cover? :slight_smile:

Right now I’m building a small scale (but still almost 3’ high) replica of an old fortune teller machine; similar to the ones found in old arcades and in the movie Big, with Tom Hanks.

It involves woodwork (including intricate, scroll-cut, lacy window borders), simple gearing and mechanics, sculpture, painting (both art and sign painting, as well as the solid color of the cabinet), gold leaf, glass etching, jewelry and sewing*.

*the sewing and the jewelry were both done with the assistance of my lovely wife.

I’d actually like to see pics of these.

You can get free accounts at Flickr (dot) Com or Webshots (dot) Com and you just upload your pic and then you’ll see a “url” that you can post here. Then we’d just click on that URL to see your pic.