The Most God Damned Arrogant/Ignorant People You Have Ever Know

The most arrogant ignorant people are all those pricks that read some stupid factoid in the paper or some propoganda leaflet and assume it’s an actual fact and refuse to reconsider it and look at any other possible view point even though they’re wrong GODAMMIT!

>>“The most God damned arrogant/ignorant people I have ever know” [sic] - that wd be American college girls, I dare say<<

I find this statement to be ignorant and arrogant.

“American college girl”

Oh, wow, Kyla, I completely missed that one. But I’m just an ignorant American college girl, so I guess you have to expect stuff like that from me.

God is dead. -Nietzsche
Nietzsche is dead. -God
Neitzsche is God. -Dead

Coworker: “Here’s a message for transmission.”

Me: “Okay.” (Then the message gets rejected by the computer program which checks and transmits if message passes muster) “Wait a second! The computer says you’re message can’t go because it has format errors. Didn’t you run the format check?”

Coworker: “No.”

Me: “Well, why the hell not?”

Coworker: “Every time I do that, the thing says there’s a format error.”

My list is to vast ( or am I pedantic?) to bore you with here, so I shall narrow it down. AND to Christian bashing…

My sister in law is incredibly ignorant.

She believes that gays are that way because it is a choice. This is a woman/child/moron who whined for years ad nauseum about " I want a BAAAABY" and had problems ( all in her head. It was her husband that had the problem, not her.) and after shelling out a shit load of cash for IVF ( to inject the sperm into her egg, etc)she gets pregnant, GAINS a truckload of weight (60#+) annouces to everyone at her babyshower that 1) she will lose all the weight 2)and be skinnier than before pregnancy. 3) take this infant (8wks old) on a 3 wk extended backpacking trip of europe by train with 10 other people.4) Won’t have any stretch marks. ( 6 months after the birth of her precious angel, sorry,but I cannot warm up to this kid, she’s lost about 40 pounds (she says more, but her waistline looks likes Homer’s.) and she most definately has stretch marks.)

But the caketopper to this cream puff of an airhead is that she whines about not being home to be with her baby ( Daycare is Mom In Law)and has the audacity to get really pissed at me when I say, “Well, I guess you paid all that money to get pregnant, go on a $7,500 vacation that you could have postponed ( Like Europe is going anywhere) but couldn’t because… , just to have someone else raise your BAAABY that you REAAAALY wanted.”

Needless to say, I’m the bad cop in this picture with her EVEN THOUGH her Mom ( and Dad and anyone else with gray matter) agrees with me completely. The one bonus of all this is is that this little angel is the exact temperment of her selfish screaming crybaby getwhatIwantbythrowingtempertantrums momma and looks just like her when she lets loose.(And she lets loose ALOT.) The child is referred to as " Little Donna" and boy, Momma gets pissed. Heh. Revenge is so sweet.

Oh, and she tried to preach to me too about Christianity and this makes her all the more annoying.

Her husband, I like. If only she would be kidnapped by aliens.

Since this is the Pit and I’m rarely here and I’ve been up since 3am ( insomnia) you all get the brunt of my daily ramblings.

I have to add my old boss :Debbie (AKA the paste faced condescending she bitch from hell.) She bragged about how she Lived in Grosse Pointe . ( For those are fortunate to live elsewhere, there are two really rich sections in the metro Detroit Area. Grosse Pointe ( old money) and Bloomfield Hills ( new money). She bragged about her house and la-de-la-de-da. This is a woman who drove a shitty car that looked like hell and she wore the same (stained)clothing EVERY day, so when she bragged about the house, we pretty much figured she was full of shit.

Then one day I have to go to her house for something. It was in a nice, quaint 70 year old neighborhood with huge trees and Martha Stewart like atmosphere everywhere. Debbie’s house was the crappiest one on the block. Needed new paint,lawn and bushes were shabby, the windows were probably the original and the detached two car garage was leaning way too much to one direction to be safe. Clearly they bought it in this condition and after 6 years had let it deteriotate even more. The inside was filthy and worn.she did have nice artwork, though.

After her divorce ( From an equally condescending prick) she tried to sell the house and since I sat by the fax, I got to see the real estate paperwork that came in for her. When I saw how much her house was worth I just burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. My Coworkers (including her sister who hated her) asked me what it was that was so funny. Irony, I said, and told them how much the bitches house was worth, to recieve blank looks, I continued on: " Well, it seems that her GROSSE POINTE house is worth abut $30,000 less than my house and mine is brand new, more modest in design and smaller." Then that day in the real estate section of the paper it said there was a “New” Grosse Pointe/Bloomfield Hills to look out for…and wouldn’t you know it…it was/is my little out-in-the-sticks township. Heh and double heh! I taped that to her Highnesses computer and that shut her up about her prestigious house and location forevermore. ( I know, this could qualify me for the most arrogant person award, but I made a third less than she did and was liked by my peers, so it’s justified.)

(She did get her just desserts. She decided to rent out her place and move back in with her parents -at age 45 with her 7 year old son- and the guy who rented from her stiffed her on the rent and wrote a shit load of backchecks of which she never collected a dime because she was too lazy to follow up. She had never done a background check on him because he had all the right connections and worked at a prestigious job and said all the buzzwordsand name dropping that her ego needed to here to hear.

I hope she is kidnapped by aliens tooo.

Most arrogant: That “Son of God” guy. What a complex he had. I think that cross thing taught 'em a lesson though - Karma, anyone?

Most ignorant: Any atheist who attacks someone’s religion.

Hell is Other People.

Has to be my recently [thank God!!!] transferred boss. Arrogant ignorant bastard who was appointed to a place of education - without earning the position I might add it was politics - and tried to turn it into his personal fiefdom with all employees working for his agrandizement. Education programs suffered, withered, and died under his regime. Moral plunged to the point that when the man became ill it was regarded as good news. The man was absolutely responsible for fucking over what was once a jewel of a work place and a place highly regarded by the community. He’s been gon now for three weeks and only now is everybody letting out the sigh they’ve been holding for so long. Hope the new guy is better, BTA he could hardly be worse.

An aside: so what’s up Durnovarianus, got yourself shot down by a Yankee girl for being a schmuck?

~If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.~

Most arrogant: those who post complaints about a job in the field of education; however, the post has numerous spelling errors. :wink: [Just a litte levity, relax!]

New Nominee:

The legal department at The Chicago Reader.

Yer pal,

{{Most ignorant: Any atheist who attacks someone’s religion.}}

Most ignorant: Anyone who assumes that atheists know nothing about religion.

Very close second: Anyone who assumes that an atheist will convert to Christianity if s/he will only read the Christian Bible.

Lynn the Packrat

Lynn, you forgot to mention Mormons who think that you would convert, if only you would read their book. (FTR, I have read big hunks of the BoM, and in my biased opinion, it’s utter gibberish. However, lest someone accuse me of being arrogant or ignorant, I’d like to point out that I would never argue theology with a Mormon. Their religion is their business.)

I got into a huge debate with this guy in Israel about evolution. ARGH! I really didn’t want to have an argument (it was at my friend’s engagement party), but this guy just would not SHUT UP, and kept pulling all these ridiculous analogies out of his ass. This is what I get for telling people that I’m an anthropology major, I guess.


Kyla: you forgot to include damn near every other religion/sect/group/cult with followers who believe that someone would convert if they just read their book.

FTR: not every Christian, not every LDS, not every Muslim, not every Jew, not every…not every…not ever…believes that conversion is just a matter of reading the particular book in question.

I don’t think I specified “Yankee” - I was trying to be offensive to Southerners too…

What I had in mind, since you ask, was primarily the behaviour of American tourists in London - it’s a busy place, and in the rush-hour not far behind Tokyo for sheer compression and quantities of people, not helped by the appalling public transport system - and guess who it is, right in the middle of the rush-hour, who always blocks the only passageway or stands four abreast on the escalator gangway, or drops their enormous great suitcase right in front of the Tube door - yes, it’s US college girls. And will they move or pay any attention at all if any-one says anything to them - will they buggery. (The boys BTW aren’t nearly so bad, unless there are girls with them).

That is my reason, plus the fact that if you’re stuck behind a group of the [insert obscene and insulting word of choice here] on the escalator, you can’t avoid overhearing their dreary conversations - dumb, Dumb or DUMB? (I’ve translated from the English “thick” in view of the probable limitations of this audience…)

BTW, why are most of you so fat?

I do hope that clarifies the matter for you.

laughing uproariously omigod, you ARE a schmuck wipes eyes I was just poking a bit of fun, but you jumped on with both feet, didn’t you? hee hee hee going for the cheap shot to get a rise, too shakes head just too funny…

~If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.~

Shirley Ujest:

I’m guessing Commerce, Plymouth or South Lyon?

Probably farther north, sly. I’m pretty sure that the elite are moving North while the upper middle class moves West. (Not that there aren’t a lot of u/m/c moving North, as well.)

My folks stayed just ahead of the u/m/c trend for a while, moving to Avon Township in the mid-fifties but escaping before it became Rochester Hills. Unfortunately, they landed in Orion township and, after Dad died, Mom never got her feet under her to escape. (Of course, I’m really going to cry when she sells that $36,000 house for $300,000+.)


Just to stay on topic, of course: the twits who moved into my Mom’s neighborhood (after the neighborhood had worked years to establish a solid financial foundation to maintain the nearby lake) and declared that they thought it was simply dreadful that they had to pay anything for lake maintenance when they never used it–except for their annual “show off where I live” office parties or the very high resale values of their houses, of course.



Glad you found it funny, but it is simply the truth - American tourists, esp groups of teenage girls, behave on balance far worse than other tourists. And, again on average, young Americans are noticeably fatter than most other people of the comparable age group. But if you think it sth to be proud of, get on with it, by all means.