The Most God Damned Arrogant/Ignorant People You Have Ever Know

I invite everyone that has ever dealt with a seemingly or otherwise intelligent person in real life who has been so much like a brick wall that you could not stand it to post the ancedote.

My Ancedote Follows:

I went to a summer program at the University of Northern Colorado and had a creationist roomate. My other roomate and I would stay up until 2:00 AM debating creationism with him. Although I normally just respect people’s opinons on something unless in a public forum like this one, he would rattle off all of these utterly proposterous claims such as, “The single scientist who discovered all of the caveman admitted that he lied and made up all of his research. There are ways to make bone in a laboratory and all of the skeletons were man made,” in a desperate, half crying tone. Needless to say, I never went back to SEP at UNC, primarily because they let that fucking moron in after I spent four god-damned hours thinking of good answers to all of the written answer questions under the impression that I might have trouble gaining admission.

You know, doing what is right is easy. The problem is knowing what is right.

–Lyndon B. Johnson

The worst one I ever met I worked for. A born again Christian and part time preacher in his church, Mr. Piper had once been an executive in Airborne Express and retired. (I worked for airborne for a time under the subcontractors in the state of Florida.) He decided to subcontract, so he formed his own company and used his buddies in the executive offices to land him sweet contracts and grew pretty big in Georgia, where he lives. He then expanded down into my area and beat out my good subcontractor, who treated us well and gave us good pay and benefits and stood up for us employees. In a ‘secret’ bid, Piper somehow managed to find out what my employers bid was and underbid him by ONE CENT per package rate. (Talk about rigged.)

This guy, for being a Christian and a Preacher, turned out to be the nastiest person I have ever worked for. He brought down his own managers, cut our pay, disposed of our benefits, offered us a medical insurance plan that was ridiculously high and no one would take. (He had to pay part of any such plan. By making sure the plan was expensive and covered little, he guaranteed few if any would take it. Me and another employee even found out that he could get a better plan at a great price by combining us with his many employees in Georgia, but he refused to.) His managers were mainly of the type to run employees into the ground and fire them if they could not keep up. His first manager was a bipolar depressive who went deliberately off of his medication and went a bit nuts. To hide the fact that we did not have sufficient trucks to handle the area, he marked in packages as delivered that he had not delivered that day, then snuck in early in the morning and actually dropped them off.

If we damaged a van, the repairs came out of our pay. We were salary and worked 45 hours a week. Later, to save him money, he redid our contract, so that we worked longer hours for the same pay. If we did not sign the new contracts we were fired. He encouraged his managers to teach us how to lie on our manifests to make it look like we were doing well when we were not, which eventually snowballed and caught up with him and us. He blamed us for lying on our manifests. Since we drove crappie ford vans, the wear and tear on those cheap things got expensive and we were ranted at for deliberately trying to ruin the trucks because he had to pay for repairs. When we slowed down to save wear and tear, we were ranted at for being lazy and not doing our jobs. I even had a man fresh from the Marines drive with us and hire on, only to quit after a week, pointing out that we needed more drivers and he was not willing to recklessly careen about the city at dangerous speeds to get the job done. He promised us bonuses that we never got. One man decided to resign, but stayed with us until after Christmas because that was when things were worst. Afterwards we were given out Christmas bonuses (about $75 per driver and $100 for management team) but this guy did not get his. The owner told him that he did not give bonuses to quitters even though the guy had been nice enough to remain to help us through the rough season. Then he stated that he had broken up the man’s bonus and given it to us drivers and if he wanted it, to talk us into giving it to him out of our checks. He always found something to bitch at the drivers about and almost never praised them. Our jobs were threatened frequently and we were forbidden to even talk about unionizing. As our loads became heavier, we needed more drivers and routes but he made us run harder until we failed and then we were accused of being lazy, were fired or quit. Anytime the Company inquired about why we were having problems, he blamed us. (He pulled me off of one route I had for years and put me on probation, saying I was lazy and not doing well. Then he poked me on a new route, griped because it took me three days to learn it and get up to speed and put another driver on my old route. Two months later, without saying a thing to me, he put three part time drivers on my old route. It could not be serviced by one full timer after all but he never admitted that he had been wrong in punishing me. Later, his manager trimmed part of his adjoining route and gave it to me, which overloaded me and I was chastised again. Piper stated that the previous driver had done my new route easily but it was taking me too long. He ignored the fact that the previous driver had not had the hard to get areas added on that his manager had given me. We lost more people when he had the area than with any other subcontractor. Including myself. (2 years after I left, I was cheered to find that he had given up the area and pulled out. Probably pressured by Airborne to do so.)

Some good Christian, huh?

“Think of it as Evolution in action.”

It seems this topic is taking a religious context, so I will add my bit:

I was at a party once, and was chatting with these two guys I did not know. I forget how it came up, (we were talking about something on the news, I think) and I (foolishly) mentioned that I was Christian. I remember casually saying something like “I don’t really believe in pesterning people about my beliefs, live and let live - yadda yadda yadda.” I think I carefully established my intent not to get into some serious debate, and I certainly wasn’t “judging” anyone.

Because I was stupid enough to let these guys know I was religious, I was subjected to about a half an hour of “preaching” from these two guys. They told me how deluded I was, explaining how God could not exist, giving me this whole anti-Christian spiel. All the time, my jaw was dropped open. I could hardly get a word in. I was thinking “And this is what I get for casually mentioning my religion? Even though I made it clear I wasn’t really into arguing or preaching?”

I finally was able to get a word in, and these guys why they cared what I believed in. They said “because they hated seeing people deluded.” Sigh. I was just so dumbfounded by their rudeness.

I really should have just left as soon as they started in with their preaching session. Or, better yet, asked them what made them any different from the self-righteous Christians who also would corner unsuspecting people and hammer away at them with their dogma. Really bloody amazingly arrogant and hypocritical, if you ask me.

really happened:
its a keyhole you idiot, why the bloody hell did you think i gave you that key for?


More info, please. One liners don’t make a hell of a lot of sense without a preamble and a conclusion.

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I think bj0rn is trying to explain that he IS the example :wink:


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My mother’s boyfriend. He has the misfortune of being both simpleminded and pedantic. Makes you want to put your knuckles right in his teeth.

Why do I get the idea that pl’s mum’s boyfriend is a christian? :wink:

I don’t know what he is. I doubt that he’s particularly religious. I just know he’s a moron.

My aquaintance,formerly friend is arrogant all right. She tells me she has more faith in God than I do,she’s spiritually uplifting,she would feed a homeless person,She would donate money she found on the street to God.Everyone tells her how beautiful she is,etc.

I once met this guy who posted all these messages that made absolutely no sense. He used no capitilization or punctuation, and he seemed sometimes to be making up words or phrases. So when people tried to tell him this, he got all offended and started posting these rebuttles that made even less sense. So people tried to tell him again. And this circle went on for a while, until people just got sick of trying to correct him, and they just yelled at him. So he started whining that people were just yelling at him instead of trying to correct him.

The IQ of a group is equal to the IQ of the dumbest member divided by the number of people in the group.

(Watch out, chaps, wazzock alert…

“rebuttal”, Rousseau, “rebuttal”. If you’re going to be a pedantic pratt, at least try to do it properly…)

“The most God damned arrogant/ignorant people I have ever know” [sic] - that wd be American college girls, I dare say

Man erith, woman morpeth

Im tired of people making fun of Christians, and Catholics in general. I am Polish National Catholic- I get ridculed for being both Polish and Catholic. If you dont believe the same thing I do, fine. I dont care! Its your choice but stop generalizing ME. It would make the world a whole lot easier if people would stop judging and generalizing everybody else. Thanks for ruining my day.

I’m a general, and I greatly resent the negative connotation given to the word “generalize”. For how long are we to put up with these things!


Well, you’re not alone, Max. How many majors are sick and tired of hearing about all these “major catastrophes”? Or the poor lieutenants, who are constantly getting asked how much rent they pay on their commodes? And I’m not even going to say anything about “corporal punishment”! I cannot tell you how much this rank indifference gets to me! “Rank indifference”? Oh, no, now I’m doing it too…

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Nietzsche is dead. -God
Neitzsche is God. -Dead

I work in at a job where we use computers for 90% of our work–

That being said, the most ingorant person I know is the guy I work with in accounts payable. He’s late 30s, lives alone, very rigid and an all around odd person. He’s pretty useless. I end up cleaning up after his mistakes. Anyway, he once said in a meeting that instead of having our A/P manual in MS Word, we should have a hard copy for people who can’t use computers. DUH! There are many more, but that one took the cake!

I know that wasn’t the OP, but he does fall under the “Ignorant” category.

This, by no mean was intended to be a Christian bashing thread, the most arrogant/ignorant person I had ever known just happened to be a Christian being arrogant about a religious topic. I was not the one to bring the debate up, he was, and, he did not have anything to support his arguments after he made the original assertion intended to convert me and my other roommate. We all have beliefs that we can hang on to with out supporting them or having to justify them to others, just do not begin literally mocking me for being one of those, in his words, “stupid evolutionists.” If you are going to call me stupid for being an evolutionist, do not call it persecution if I defend my views and criticize your own. I realize that all Christians are also not on single minded crusades to convert others, I did not even realize that the most observant religious person I know was LDS (Mormon) until it came up in a class discussion on theology and when she declined an event because it was on a Sunday.

You know, doing what is right is easy. The problem is knowing what is right.

–Lyndon B. Johnson

I don’t who the most arrogant, ignorant person I’ve ever known is. The one I’ve known most recently is not a Christian! I just thought I’d point that out since maybe we need a change of pace?

He’s actually a Marxist, more-or-less. Smoker, self-described vegan who likes milkshakes. Are you getting the idea yet? Claimed that there was no ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. I don’t know why he thought that; I gathered that, as long as the mass media thought something was happening, he thought it must not be happening. So he was too cynical to believe people were murdering each other over ethnicity?

Well, the problem wasn’t really cynicism. It was that he really liked Noam Chomsky but he didn’t really have the brainpower to deal with it. Chomsky said the media might not always be right, thus, since Chomsky is always right, the media are always wrong!

I told him I did not think the media were a monolithic entity, all composed of people with the same opinion. He said, it was because I didn’t listen to enough alternative media. How can there be alternative media if the media is a monolithic entity? I don’t think he knows what “monolithic” means. Chomsky probably forgot to put that in the glossary.

Nothing I write about any person or group should be applied to a larger group.

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I had a long treatise about my next-door neighbor all written out. But then I realized that just writing about it made me sick to my stomach. Let me just say he’s a rich asshole in a middle-class area who continually fucks with other people’s property and threatens you if you stand up to him. I keep hearing rumors about him moving, but it hasn’t happened yet. We go house-hunting every time there’s an “incident”.