The Most Important Decision Ever!! Dog or Cat?

I am getting a pet for my apartment, and I need to decide whether to get a dog or cat. My GF will be moving in with me, so the independence of the animal won’t really be a factor since someone will be there most of the time. So here’s my list of Pros and Cons, Dog vs Cat:

A cat may tear up my curtains, furniture, etc with its claws. A dog may eat those same items.

A cat will do its business in a box in the house, I will have to get off my lazy ass to take the dog outside.

The cat box will make the apartment smell, but I can train the dog to do its dirty work in the yards of people I don’t like.

Company I have over may be allergic to cat fur in my apartment. That same compnay may not appreciate my dog humping their leg.

A dog can catch a Frisbee, whereas a Frisbee will just knock a cat down.

As you can see, I’ve thought long and hard about this. I don’t want fish or a bird, I’ve narrowed down my options to either a dog or cat. The GF isn’t helping, cuz she says she really doesn’t care. It seems the dog has the edge right now cuz of the whole Frisbee thing, but I don’t want to base my decision on that, since I don’t own a Frisbee. So does anyone else have any reasons for one pet over the other?

Definitely a dog.

If you lose your job and savings, and times get tough, there’s a lot more meat on a dog.

I’d get a dog. I have a kitten right now, but only because where I live dogs aren’t allowed. When I was a kid I had a German shepard/Chow and he was the most adorable, most well behaved dog in the world. His name was Harley Davidson, courtesy of my dad. A dog of those breeds might get too big though. Is there a size limit on the animal?

You need a dog. A dog with big testicles. Labs are nice.

I have opted for a cat. I think that without a yard, dog ownership would be a huge hassle, with all the walks you would have to go on. I figure when I get a house, I get a dog.

And besides, following Ukelele Ike’s logic, a cat fits better in a microwave.

Dogs are kids, cats are roomates.

A dog will test you for fatherhood.

Get one of each, and they’ll keep you intertained for hours.


Get a dog.

Cats make your house stink.

Is this a serious question??? Why even consider a cat?

This actually has me a little scared that you even have to ask.

Men don’t like cats, we pretend to like cats.

if nothing else, dogs run your social agenda. You cannot go away for the weekend without making more plans for them than if you had a child. Dog owners seem to insist on bringing their dogs to all sorts of inappropriate places (my home, for example, art shows for another), so that I get mangy mongrel sniffing at my crotch. I like to CHOOSE who sniffs at my crotch, thank you.
Cats don’t take up the whole bed, either. their food takes up less room in the pantry. they tend not to slobber.
and about the frisbee thing - I had a cat who played fetch with a puffy ball (similar principal), of course, what she’d do is drop the ball further and further away from me each time, which begs the question of who was training who

I think you are missing the obvious here. Subconciously, you don’t want a dog or a cat. You want a Frisbee. By all means, get one. They are easy to take care of, don’t make much noise, and are loads of fun.

If you get a cat I will never, ever reply to one of your threads. No pressure or anything.

Actually, my wife and I are about to get a dog. not sure what kind yet, but we are doing copious amounts of research. There are a lot of dogs that can be found that have some or all of characteristics like: hypo-allergenic, light shedding, friendly towards (other pets, people, kids, etc), small in stature, good indoor dogs. Look at some things and you will probably find a dog that fits enough categories to fill your needs.

Meanwhile, cats are evil.

Definitely a not-so-great-debate. I’m moving this to IMHO.

If you want to be a true Humanitarian, go down to your local animal shelter and adopt an older dog. I just adopted a pure-bred English Springer Spaniel that is 9 years old. He doesn’t chew on stuff, he has the best manners, and since he is older, he is more mello. I guess it just depends on what kind of temperament you like.

Hey! I’m a man, and I like cats! Mmmmmmmm…hasenpfeffer.

But your average woofer makes for a more festive presentation, ringed with roast potatoes and mushrooms and a nice candied apple in its mouth.

Definitely a dog, especially if you don’t travel a lot.

Also, is your girlfriend a dog person or a cat person? A dog person should not get into a relationship with a cat person, and vice versa. That’s what they say anyway.

There’s a website (although I’m too lazy to look for it right now, sorry) that matches a person’s personality and lifestyle with their ideal dog. I’ll try to find the site. Maybe that would help in making a decision.

I always vote for Sea Monkeys.

“Nature’s Perfect Pet!”

Speaking of hasenpfeffer, have any of your other guys tasted Unc’s version? He’s definitely a master at splitting hares!

You need at least one of each. Several cats and one dog would be best, at least in my experience. They will entertain you to no end. As for practical matters, I find they are each equally destructive and impractical in their own way. But totally worth it for all the fun. has a personality match. It is actually very good. I recommend using it.

But the idea of going to the animal shelter and getting an older dog is a wonderful idea. My aunt did the same, and that dog was perfectly behaved. Mostly because they know that you saved them from certain death.


Right here, you can find a test called “What Breed of Dog Are You?” It matches how you answer each question to the behavior of a certain dog. I suppose a good suggestion would be to get a dog that matches what breed of dog you would be. That way, you have something in common. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe all this anti-cat malarky. I am a male, and I have four cats. My apartment doesn’t smell, and they don’t have the disgusting habit of drooling all over you when they show their affection. Dogs are fine and well, but I wouldn’t get one.