The Most Offensive Four Letter Word?

Err, I always thought the f-word was the most offensive four letter word. I will open the floor to take your opinions on this weighty and important matter
::Bangs gavel::
The floor is now open for debate.


You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!

in my book it has gotta be WORK. Everytime I hear it I say to myself… damn I wish they had never invented that word!

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

I have to say the word that offends me the most is c*nt. I usually save it for the most offensive situations or people.

Ok…it’s the all time four letter work we all know and cherish fu*k is one work that I absolutely cannot stand

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fart. don’t know just why i dislike it so, but i do. feel uncomfortable even just writing it. i can swear in a couple of languages, but that is one word i never, ever use. ugh.

Four letter works? Looks like your middle fingers are cross-wired, Fuzzy-wuzzy. :smiley:

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I worked in a restaurant. My female boss could cuss like a sailor withlittle provovation.

One day, she is on the cook’s line while I head back there to get something for a table of evil women who were giving me a hard time.

I said something to the effect of, “I cannot believe these cunts Im waiting on.”

She went OFF on me! I learned then the power of the word cunt. Must use wisely…

Yer pal,

cnt has my vote. If I have to use this word to refer to someone, they really, really pssed me off! Of course it’s usually strung nicely along with a few others, but it’s the piece de resistance.

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My sister is visiting, and she is trying to educate me in the damaging power of words. I am trying to teach her that words are words, and it’s the ideas and emotions behind them that hurt. Neither of is having any luck.

But, as far as she is concerned, the C word is the worst of the ones mentioned, but Btch and Ngger are far worse because they demean a certain class of people by blah blah blah blah…
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I don’t mind fck. I never use cnt myself and get repulsed by people who do use it. I like bitch. My husband calls me and our female dog “my bitches”. I love it.

Don’t even get me started on the “N-word”. Blazing Saddles was on A&E this weekend and they didn’t beep that word or dub over it. But they did exclude the entire farting around the campfire scene. I don’t get it.

OK four letter offensive word for nigger…coon. Also offensive is gook.

I think this is first time I’ve used those words!! <shudder>

The most repulsive four letter word ever used is POOP! I would MUCH rather hear someone say shit, crap, dung, feces, etc… than hear poop! It just sounds so nasty! Yech!


I agree with Angkins. If the defense minister used one of those words somehow instead of the “c” word he wouldn’t have been laughed at, he would have been kicked out and looked down upon for the rest of his life.

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Now don’t tear my head off, because honestly, I’m just curious. Not trying to be a smartass. Why is cunt so offensive? I thought it was worse in England than here.

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Actually, I think it’s worse in America. In England, it’s definitely offensive, but it doesn’t arouse quite the horror that it does here. Also, whereas here (as Psycat put it) it’s usually reserved for people who’ve REALLY pissed you off - and especially for women who’ve really pissed you off - you’ll hear men in England use it to casually refer to other men - sometimes even with no (real) offense intended.

What I’ve always wondered about is why we bother with the * thing. I mean if you see the word “sh*t” you think “shit” don’t you? Is it really less offensive because it’s missing a vowel?

It may seem inconsistent but one rationale is that Mel Brooks was mocking racism by the way he portrayed it in the movie. He has a long tradition of that in his movies. The campfire scene was just gratuitous use of bodily functions.

Cunt is saved for the most low vile worthless females on the planet. If I cal you a cunt, I dont even care enough about you to hate you.

The most offensive word is not cunt however.

It is s-n-o-w.

aaaaaaaggggggggg I can’t believe I did that!!! Thanks AWB for bringing that to my attention, it was supposed to be word. :o

“Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda

Most offensive word? I dunno. Words alone aren’t so bad. It’s when you put them together that they start to get iffy.

Some years back, alt.tasteless decided to come up with a motto that would offend EVERYONE. And they did it. If anyone else knows it, feel free to post it; I’ll hold off unless y’all really want to hear it.

I guy I used to know used the word “gunt” to describe those really low, flabby pot bellies that some women have.

I can say that that’s the grossest sounding word that I’ve heard. Yeccchh.