The most satisfying instance of a person's firing/job termination (i.e., they deserved it).

One of the advisors to the college newspaper where I first went to school was a pretty big @$$hole. He yelled at people, played favorites, talked down to others, etc. I finally went to the department head and complained about him … turned out I was complainant #29. He was fired just a few weeks later.
I sort of felt bad later about depriving someone of their livelihood … then I thought about it, and well, 29 complaints!!

Benito Mussolini is up there.

The guy who was stealing reels of DRAM chips in the late 1990s and selling them on the internet somehow.

At the time there was a shortage of these chips. This guy did it for a number of months before security caught him.

Needless to say he was fired and criminally charged.

My boss was engaged in a variety of malfeasance. From compensation fraud to sexual harassment. Had the solid support of his boss. After more than a year of my working within and outside “channels” the big day arrived.

The staff came into my office with a cake for my “surprise” birthday party. And while they were singing, I saw (right over their heads) a team of Legal, HR and Security walk him out of his office and the building. Soon followed by a bunch of his cronies being shown the door.

The wrath of his boss almost ended my career, but the legal department arranged a transfer to another division (fortunately I was willing to relocate) which turned out to be a great career move.

More of a personal relief than anything; working at a coffee shop, and this new guy started. I really couldn’t put my finger on it, but I just didn’t trust the guy, though he was desperately trying to make friends with everyone (sending Facebook requests, trying to join every conversation, trying to arrange meetups for everyone outside of work). I felt pretty guilty, as I was quite happy to make friends with everyone else there and there was nothing concrete I could say was off (he was also a member of an ethnic minority group I don’t know many people from, so I was a bit worried I was being subconsciously racist), but my back brain just said nope. I wasn’t actually nasty to him or anything, just not chatty, no joking around like with the others.

I quit after a while, but visited the shop about 6 months later, and one of the old staff was there. It turned out, not only had the guy I didn’t trust been dodging the compulsory background check (due to the airport location we all had to have one, even though it was just a coffee shop, but he’d been claiming his passport was being replaced and making excuses for months) but once he’d been let go for that, it turned out he’d scammed £300 out of one of the other staff…

Many years back, an engineer in the department where I worked had a reputation for sleeping on the job, among other things. He and I were once assigned to do a task, and when I went to talk to him about it, he wouldn’t even look up from his desk, and he never showed up to do the job.

Rather than document his lack of performance, he was shuffled from one team to another. I believe part of it was because supervisors feared he’d play the race card, and partly because he was best buds with a union rep, so he would submit grievances thither and yon.

After a decade or so, he finally ended up under a boss who kept complete records. One day, the boss saw this guy walking down the hall and said “Come with me to my office.” The boss continued to his desk, but the guy veered off and left the building. He was fired shortly thereafter, and there was nothing he could do about it.

I heard he was working at Home Depot - well, employed there, anyway. Dunno if he ever worked…

How old ARE you?! :smiley:

The head of information security whose work hard drive was filled with child porn.

The boss who raped me.

Those two were pretty satisfying.

Twice the sore I cashier at has had to fire students who think being on their devices was more important than doing their job.

I figure it was good because they have to learn it, the younger the better.

No need to feel bad he got himself fired not you.

Well, there was the pompous blowhard who blamed every failure he was involved in on someone else, which he got away with for years because the Ops manager was in his fantasy football league. And then after he was “voluntarily” demoted, got kept around by the now-plant manager.

He was finally let go after it was realized he’d made the unauthorized change that led to flames shooting out of the sewers and sewer lids blasting off taking out streetlights and raining down. So it was a relief, even though it took a nigh Apocalypse for it to happen.

Not satisfying but relieved to see one go.

I worked at a hotel as a stationary engineer. Some of us worked shift work and could not leave until we were relieved by the next watch stander. And the change of watch should be 10 minutes before the hour. D. was late often. Usual only about 10 to 20 minutes. It was always some lame excuse and sorry. Now if I relieve someone late one day, the next day I make it a point to be early the next day to make up for it. D. never did.

One Saturday come 3:00 and he has not there. I put all my stuff in my car and went back to work with the rest of the crew in the parking lot. When I saw D. drive in I went straight to my car and left. The next week talking with the rest of the crew I told them if D. was ever late again I was going to record on my time sheet when I left and D. could explain to the chief the OT.
The next Saturday around 1:00 I get a call from D. that he is having car trouble and he might be late. His wife will not let him use her car and he is asking around the neighborhood to see if someone will let him borrow their car. D. was really an ass so I knew he would be late. If he had taken a bus and left when he called me he would have been to work on time, but that would have been too much trouble. About 2:00 PM I get a call from the Chief, if D. is late I am to call him. When I tell him it is too late D. has already called the Chief’s response was THAT IT HE IS DONE, HE CAN FILL OUT THIS WEEKEND AND HE WILL BE GONE MONDAY. I said thanks. And Monday the engineering service company moved him to another account. His 4 move.
The thing that pissed the rest of us off. After he was gone several people from housekeeping came to us and asked about where was D. He owed several of them money.

I was doing software design in the telecom world back in the late 90s. The market was really hot so there was a lot of movement between companies. My friend, A, and I were first-level managers. A was talking to a friend, B, who had moved from our company to another company just up the road. B mentions seeing C around his building. A says that can’t be right, he works for me. B insists that yes, C is working at the other company. B goes to our boss, who calls the other company and asks to speak to C. When C answered the phone, boss says get back here right now, we need to talk. Our company fired him of course. I don’t know what happened at the other company, but a friend in HR told me they had called the other company and apprised them of the situation.

There have been quite a few in my life. My current favorite as you ask this (because we were just talking about this yesterday at work) was when we first opened our branch of Da Jungle. They couldn’t find enough people of “their own” to hire so they flooded the floor with temps. This one dude was a thief, not ashamed of it, and not very good at it. He was cramming some sealed envelopes that probably had gift cards in his clothes and a couple of us clued in TPTB and the boss of the whole building. Our security basically nabbed him and informed him they had called the police and would be turning him over along with the “tapes” (vid actually).

City cops? Heck, this arrogant bastard had been through this routine before. To him it was basically funny.

Until he saw the two State Troopers at the door. Interstate shipping/packages made it a state charge and not just a local-yokal matter. His attitude adjusted 180 degrees and all of a sudden it wasn’t that funny anymore.

I’m still waiting for it. Woman in my office… don’t do shit. Just plain loud 'n dumb.

For the love of all things holy, would someone please walk her ass out the door. :smack:

Back in the dark ages, when I was in collage for the second time, I was a Night Auditor at a resort. There was the GM, and two assistant managers, and I reported to the comptroller, so I had a Godmother. Now one of the AM’s was a legend in his own mind, and thought he was quite the swordsman, using his prowess to cut a path through the nightclub staff as wide as he could. This, on general principals, pissed off the Godmother. I received new orders, and the paper trail was on.

Things really came to a head when it was discovered that our stud didn’t like rain coats and had his own file cabinet at the Centers for Disease Control. The sand bag that came whistling out of orbit on his head, however, was when one of the waitresses came down with the gift that keeps on giving, and who was a virgin before she met dumbass. He was really in trouble, since she was connected, shall we say.

Fat Frog recruited me to come work for him and talked me into giving my old workplace 2 days notice. I got sick on the 2nd day of work at the new job, but didn’t want to call out sick so soon. I went in and struggled to my work done at a snail’s pace. Fat Frog called me at home that evening and fired me.

I found another job later. A repairman I knew from a previous job came in to fix one of our machines. He told me Fat Frog’s company got bought out by somebody else, and then Fat Frog got fired. I rejoiced.

This story is nearly incomprehensible. Are you saying you felt satisfaction when you discovered that someone whose personal sexual choices you objected to was infected with an STI and physically threatened by a criminal organization? Beyond it not being your business, isn’t that a breach of his medical privacy rights?

Any hope he had for privacy rights ended when the lawsuits arrived naming him and the resort. The Godmother viewed him as a slimy lower life form, my involvement was limited to documenting when and with whom he left the property. After I left for greener pastures, word reached me that everyone in management were deposed. Far more drama than I needed. I had enough fun dealing with guests at 2AM.

Ah, you guys must have gotten our Karen. My condolences.
Back in the olden days, when I worked the night shift at Eckerds, there was another cashier there who was really loud and obnoxious. He knew everything about everything, to hear him tell it. He stole things, gave merchandise away, sold drugs, and would disappear for extended periods during a shift. (He was usually at the Taco Bell next door). I could go on, but you get the picture. Everyone knew about the problem, but management couldn’t seem to nail him.
One night, I was stocking shelves near the front of the store while he hung out at the register. I was out of sight, but within earshot. A young guy approached the register with a case of beer, and “Dick” said, “Dude, I’m not ringing that up, just take it.” The guy was like, Whaaa? They obviously didn’t know each other. Dick says, “Nah, man, it’s cool. Don’t worry about it.” The kid couldn’t believe his luck, and slipped out with his free beer.
I wasted no time finding the manager and letting her know that she might find something interesting if she compared the register tapes to the security cameras.
Next night, an official looking feller came in with the manager, introduced himself as Loss Prevention, and asked for Dick. Dick immediately started hollering, “Fuck you, fuck this, fuck all y’all, I know you’re happy about this…” and walked out the door forever. I felt pretty good about it.