The most stressful thing in my life right now - SDMB

SDMB is a trap. It grabs you with one hand and punches you with the other.

The grab being the adiction to the site, the urge to spot something interesting.

The punch being the mind-numbing wait when you click just about any link or button.

I know the ‘lots of users’ speech. You don’t need to give me that. The delay being understandable does not mean it is not annoying.

This is just a rant so I am not asking for justification replies (you can reply to join in with ranting though) That also being the reason why this is not in the board comments forum (the fact that it’s a rant).

Another reason why I did not post this there is that in there it is probably an expected post, therefore a taken-for-granted post, and ultimately an ignored post.

Huh? Did somebody say something?

I like the slow load time. If the board was fast, I’d never get any work done.

UGGGGGGGGGGG… So fucking sloooooooooowwwwwww. Some times it will take 10+ mintues to load and this is with dsl. Although I think that there may be something configured wrong taht’s causing that, since downloads go really fast.

And if you think this is an insignificant thing to be the ‘most stressful thing in my life’ then all that shows is that my life is not very stressful.
It’s true. It’s very stress free lately. Trouble is, where once there was stress now there is boredom/unease/dissatisfaction.

But only when I am thinking negatively. With things like the waits in SDMB it’s hard to think positive. In fact, how do I think positively? I do it so seldom that I think I’ve forgoten how.

human experts say we are ‘designed’ to think negatively in order to survive. Our brain’s best feature is seeking out the negative. And boy is it good at it!

If I remember to circumvent that particular ‘code’ all the time then maybe there is hope. Afterall I think we as modern humans have managed to circumvent other programming from our caveman days.

Same goes for everyone else who is bored/depressed out of their minds (I know there’s a lot of you here in the SDMB)

Think positive. If we try it enough we might remember how to do it.


Another victim.

Actually, that was me. Sorry.

Yeah, that’ll work.

What kinda crap is that? I call bullshit.

We anticipate bad stuff in order to avoid it, that’s true enough. But we also anticipate good stuff (like how great a beer is gonna taste when I get off work in about three hours) in order to achieve it. Balance in all things, Baybee.

You can think negatively if you want to. Me, I’m gonna keep cogitatin’ on how incredibly great life is, warts and all.


knocks wood
Everythin’ seems to be loading fine now…horray!
knocks again, just to be sure

I’v noticed my load time is pretty much hit-or-miss. Sometimes it bothers me, but hell, i spend quite a bit of time preparing responses so in a sense, the boards wait on me, too! :smiley:

Sometimes the board can be really fast for me; other times it can be so freaking slow that I curse at the computer… yes, even though I know it’s not the computer’s fault. ;p

Then again, when I’ve had the connection time out on me multiple times in a row, it can get pretty annoying. Especially when all I want to do is post, then go do something else.

I never know whether to blame the boards or my lousy dial-up AOL connection for lags, timeouts, etc. But I like the SDMB, and loathe AOL, so AOL catches most of the heat from me.

Think positive? It never worked for me before. Usually just the opposite.

The basis of optimism is sheer terror. - Oscar Wilde
Optimism: the noble temptation to see too much in everything - G.K. Chesterton

I wouldn’t be bothered so much if it didn’t kill my browser all the time for some reason. :stuck_out_tongue: