The most visionary films EVER

I’m sure I botched things grammatically there, but what the hell.

My vote for the most visionary film is Videodrome. I saw the movie for the first time just a few months ago, and knowing that it was made in 1983 blew my mind. Other than hairstyles and clothing styles, this movie could have been made today and still it would have been a biting commentary on modern American society. The fact that it was made 25 years ago just makes the film that much more amazing. Plus, Blondie gets kinky and naked. Win-win!

What other films predicted the future all too well?

Have you seen Network?

I’m under the impression that many of the emerging Asian mega-cities have areas that bear an uncanny resemblance to the settings in Blade Runner.

Metropolis, by Fritz Lang still seems pretty damned visionary to me.

I think (read: I’m afraid that) Idiocracry is right on the money.