The mouse knocks

Opportunities abound at present. Over the last few months I’ve been to evaluations of several property sales. Typical would be one a couple of weeks ago. It was a good deal, but not one that fit my company.

A large energy company put us up in a conference room from your dreams. I think the chairs they had us in individualy cost more than my car. They had an attendant with all of the morning goodies you could imagine available and, the touch I appreciated, they had the wall lined with analog clocks displaying time zones around the world.

Well, it was a multimedia presentation at first, which means you can schmooze or snooze through the PowerPoint BS.

That’s not ultimately important. What was significant was that these guys as much as said that Enron was a wake-up call for them, and they’re now getting their cash right.

The deal would have cost us more in the requisite expansion to deal with it than we’re prepared to go.

But it was a good deal.

I’m still lickin’ my wounds from my last venture, so I’m not going out on this one. I’ll likely be quiescent for a couple of years.

But the opportunity is there now.