The Mozart effect

Some people say that listening to Mozart or baroque music is good for your cognitive functions.

Having heard this numerous times I started to doubt its validity.

Is this a myth or does listening to classical music really make you smarter?

Does this work for other genres of music as well?

This would indicate there’s little, if anything, to it:

Mozart effect-Schmozart effect: A meta-analysis:

Perhaps listening to J.S. Bach, and trying to concentrate on the polyphony, will help you think about two or more things at once? Or maybe listening to the lead line will help you be more cognizant of what else is going on in the music (or in life)?
Just a thought…

Apparently the music center of the brain is next to the mathematical center of the brain, so stimulating the music center at an early age make you better in math.

At least that’s what I was told by another math teacher heavy into brain-based learning.

Do you know any teachers who advocate non-brain-based learning?

Perhaps it would be worth translating this for those who are not native speakers of academicese. It means: