The Mr. Mom *POOF* food!

Years ago I saw Mr. Mom. At one point he threw something smallish and whitish into some oil in a pan and instantly it puffed up easily five times bigger or more.

We all wondered what the hell that food was.
This year, I noticed the crispy white noodles that were served as a bed under shrimp toast and then they were served with Mongolian beef. The are crunchy and delicious. I did not know how to order the though, let alone make them myself.

We saw bean threads in the store and decided to try them. They are indeed the food! Heat about 2 inches of oil to 375 degrees F. Put in a bundle of noodles and POOF in less than 5 seconds, it cooks and expands amazingly.

Bean threads, Saifun, Glass Noodles, Cellophane Noodles, YUMMY!

I love things that expand magically in hot oil. It’s mesmerizing somehow.

Try prawn crackers sometime. These small, pinkish, translucent chips suddenly become huge with a crisp, styrofoam-like texture. Much fun. Pappadums are pretty neat too, as well as tasty.

I have had these at a chinese restaurant in Toronto, they were very good. I have never found them ready to fry.

Ditto dwyr’s recommendation on prawn crackers. They’re a family staple for Chinese New Year’s, and most Chinese restaurants will serve them with crispy-paper chicken. Every young’um I know loves 'em. :slight_smile: