The munsters vs the adams fsmily

Which 60"s show was the best??

Addams Family was much more entertaining and interesting.

And for the other meaning of “vs”, they’d win in a fight too. :smiley:

Literally every word of that is correct.

We actually had a poll once.

And that wasn’t the only time we’ve visited the issue.

Jeez, The Munsters got an old-fashioned beat-down!

Yeah, the Addams family was much cooler. But I have no gripes against the Munsters.

As a kid I liked the Munsters more but that may have been because they were on more. I haven’t actually seen either show in 30+ years.

I will concede The Munsters had better theme music. But other than that, it was The Addams Family all the way.

Hard to say, since they were two completely different types of humor.

The Addamses were definitely more bizzare.

Both the Addamses and the Munsters thought that they were just like everyone else. But the Addamses thought that everyone else was a weird as they were, while the Munsters thought they were as normal as everyone else.

The only place the Munsters edged out the Addamses was in coolness of automobiles. In every other way the Addams Family were superior.

Couldn’t have put it better myself! :cool:

that and the munsters were originally a way for universal to make money of the nostalgia of its 30s monster movies

I myself find creepy monsters leading normal lives more entertaining than normal people leading creepy lives. I find it easier to sympathize with the Munsters for being unfairly maligned based on their looks. I wanted to just hang out with them.

That said, I rarely ever caught the Adams’ Family, as the Munsters seemed to be on more by the time I watched them (in syndication on Nick at Nite). I did like the one episode of the cartoon I saw three times (not intentionally: It was just the episode that was on every single time I happened to tune in. It was “mysterious and spooky.”) And I liked that 1991 movie well enough.

and Herman’s laugh. I used to love Herman Munster, especially when he laughed. I think I liked the Munsters more when I was little, and the Addams Family when I was older.

I like the shows about equally well. They were both high concept comedies full of cornball gags that were recycled constantly. The chemistry between Gomez and Morticia is frequently cited as a reason for the superiority of The Addams Family franchise. As I noted in one of the other threads, this misses the relationship between Herman and Grandpa on The Munsters. Their prickly relationship supplies the plot and the humor in many, if not most, episodes. There is nofhing analogous in The Addams Family. The husband/wife relationship is not superfluous on The Munsters, but it isn’t central. The Munsters is more of a buddy comedy.

I prefer the Addams Family, but in small doses, since they constantly recycled gags. Every show had a shot of someone reacting to the fish with a leg in it, as well as other bits of the decor. But the jokes were more clever than the weak slapstick of The Munsters. I’m sorry that Fred Gwynne is best remembered for the role; he deserved better.

As I recall, the Munsters quietly pitied the blonde niece (the ‘normal’ one) for being hideously ugly. So I suppose they went through life largely thinking they were radiant beauties among the slovenly troll* masses.
*Actually, they’d probably think trolls were good looking as well.

Did the Addamses even own a car? I can’t remember.

As has been quoted in nearly every Addams thread here, “Gomez and Mortician were the first ever TV sitcom couple who seemed as if they were actually fucking each other.”

On the Munsters, I could never figure out how a reanimated corpse having sex with a living dead vampire would produce a lycanthrope.