The Museum of Bad Art

We tried to visit the Museum of Bad Art in Somerville, MA yesterday. The MOBA used to be in dedham, but moved to the basement of the Somerville Theater in Davis Square several years ago. I’d wanted to see it for a long time, and MiliCal finally suggested it as an appropriate Family Outing. Which, for our Family, it was.

Admission was free with purchase of a movie ticket, and we considered going to see Deadpool (which MiliCal had already seen) or 10 Cloverfield Lane). As it turned out, the Museum was closed for an Irish Film Festival, so we couldn’t get in at all. Since that was our prime motivation, we skipped the theater altogether, walked through the square, looked in the shops, and got a bite to eat. We fortuitously got there too late to be blocked by some sort of race, and too early to be trapped by a parade.
But the Museum will still be worth a visit. Consider the following description:

Here in all her awful glory is Eileen
Here’s the clearly-labeled Fake Security Camera:

Here’s the Self-Portrait as a Drainpipe:
Here’s the MOBA official website:

I went to the MOBA once! It is truly…um…unforgettable.

Heck, I’ve seen a lot worse artwork than “Eileen”. Almost anything by Pablo Picasso, for instance.

I love MOBA and have been visiting the website for years. Too bad you couldn’t get in to the physical museum, it’d be great to see Sunday on the Pot With George in all its flattering reality.

Although “Lucy in the Sky With Flowers” has to be the signpost so to speak of the collection.

“Tempura” paint. :stuck_out_tongue: