The Music Mafia

Today, I received an email from one of the premier online music services, IUMA, stating that their funding has been cut.

Go to to read their letter.

Could this be a conspiracy? I have a feeling the “Big 5” record companies have ALOT to do with this…let’s do a bit of research, shall we?

Now, let’s see…IUMA is funded by EMusic…so

…now we’ll click the little “Investor Relations” link at the bottom, and we find “Strategic Partners”:

America Online; Hmmm…there’s Warner!; looking on their site, we see strategic alliances with Sony, EMI, and Warner again; it actually states in their “About Us” page that they “receive funding from all five major record labels: BMG, EMI, Universal, Warner AND Sony”

So, anyways, you get the point…everyone’s got their fingers in this.

The record companies feel the internet is the devil. The only reason CDs cost $15 is so these rich bastards can line their pockets by telling you what to listen to. Maybe a couple pennies for every CD gets thrown the artists’ way.

But the internet is changing all that. When you can go online, search for what you want to listen to, and download it anytime…why do we need these record companies anymore?

Once these record companies started to see how successful IUMA and were becoming, and how many more people around the world are tuning in to the internet’s offerings, they got scared. Now they’re trying to pull the plug. They’re trying to stop it before their precious “industry” goes under…

But it’s too late. The people know.

So, I say, let’s throw gasoline on that fire! To hell with record labels! Down with the middle man. Each artist needs to take their work into their own hands. We don’t need no stinkin’ labels.

OK, I think I’m done…for now. Now, I know I’m being a little over-dramatic here. I know some record labels do help somewhat…but I seriously think the industry can do without them…comments anyone?
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damn…I hate that…

I was just at and happened upon a certain posters band playing live through webcast. Jerkwater Jive. Though Im not that into ska, I was interested since I recognized the name. You guys sound great! If you ever plan on coming to Tampa Florida to play, let me know. Maybe we could set up a show together.

Ummmm…was IUMA a streaming media site? If so, a TON of them are going bankrupt right now. Launch is in financial trouble. BroadcastAmerica has closed down because of money issues. Enigma Digital was just bought out.

In order for a streaming site to survive, they HAVE to partner with someone to get VC funding. Why not partner with a record company, so you can get their music to put on your servers?

Just a thought.

I wouldn’t be so quick to blame the big, bag powers that be, idiotboy. The word is that IUMA is just yet another in a long string of dot bombs.

Here is a link from a Music Industry website that I frequent:

Two warnings about this link and site:

First of all, it is a website for music industry only. Feel free to browse if you are not one of the proletariat, but don’t post if you don’t meet the criteria. (Oh, if you are a musician, you do meet the criteria, so you can join, idiotboy.)

Secondly, the board looks like the familiar UBB, but the administrators there set it up where new posts to a thread are added to the TOP of the thread, not the bottom like here and most other places. As such, you have to go to the last page of a thread (I linked what is currently the last page to the above thread) and look at the last post and work your way up.

Yeah, that’s a pain in the ass, but I didn’t make up the formatting…

Hope that helps!

Yer pal,

Falcon - Well, All of the MP3 sites are “streaming”. Most of them offer full downloads and even CDs to sell. IUMA and not only provide this service, but also pay the artists based on a percentage of activity on the site. It really helps out independent artists not on record labels. The artists who can’t afford to produce and distribute their own CDs. These services are giving us independent artists the ability to get our music out to the people without the need for a record label. Without the need for huge wallets. If it weren’t for, IUMA, and Napster, my band would certainly not be seeing the success that we are…and only because I, personally, did the work of these record labels and A&R people. I promoted our music online. I networked with other bands. I set up our shows at the Warped Tour and the upcoming Atlanta “Back to Earthday” Celebration sponsored by Turner Broadcasting. If we couldn’t use the internet as a promotional tool, we’d still pe playing the Whiskey Inn on the outskirts of BFE every night.
pezpunk - Thanks for the feedback. It was one rockin’ show! We had such a blast. We played with a group called Johnny Socko, a ska/polka group from Indy. They also have the stream from that night on If you get some time, check them out, too!

We’ll hopefully be touring with the Warped Tour on the east coast this summer. But I’d also like to get a mini east coast tour set up for Fall 2001. I’ll let ya know.

BTW, do you guys have a website? music online?

Satan - Thanks for the link, dude! I’m gonna check it out now.

Wow…I’m an insider… grins with delight

Hey, I recognize some of these folks from the old Artist Area BB. Looks like I found another new home! :smiley:
Oh, and by the way, anyone who would like to see the aforementioned webcast archive of our LIVE show with Johnny Socko from Nov 10, 2000…go here:

and click the 11-10-00 link under “Live Library”. It really is entertaining! It’s also a good 45 minutes…so get comfy! :smiley:

I’m with Satan. The online music industry is being hit HARD right now. And the IUMA problems were known as far back as January 16th, when it was reported in the Radio and Internet Newsletter. (

THIS only helps prove my point further…

Enjoy the free world of music while you know it. Before long, independent musicians will be run off to some little island in the Pacific while the world enjoys hit after hit from Ricky Martin, the Backstreet Boys, Brittany Spears, et al.

Gonna have to disagree with you on that one. There will always be independent bands, or smaller ones not many people hear of. They will thrive they way they did BEFORE the internet, and the way some bands are doing now…start small, in a small area, and build up a fan base.

And I still say that this is just a case of yet ANOTHER streaming music site going down the tubes due to financial concerns. Like so many others.