The Mysterious "Red Grover" of CTW

Back when I was a child, I noticed that a lot of the Sesame Street books would feature pictures of a character that looked like Grover, but he was red. This character may have only appeared on the covers- he certainly was never named or mentioned in the stories inside, and he never appeared on TV, TTBOMK.

What was the deal with that? I would have assumed it was just a coloring error, but I think I remember a picture of several SS characters decorating a tree, including both blue and red Grovers.


I think you might be thinking of Elmo.

Elmo wasn’t around in the late 70’s. In fact, I believe that Elmo was introduced within the last 5-10 years, right?


Elmo has only become a really popular character in the last 5-10 years, but he’s been around as a background character for a little longer. I can remember him on the show when I was a kid, which would have been sometime in the mid 1980s – maybe 1985 or 1986.

I did a google search on “red grover” + sesame street and didn’t turn anything up, fwiw.

Official site, will answer questions.

The homepage of the starter of the Grover web-ring, even has a link to a Grover based newsgroup. Surf away!

Good luck.

(BTW, I found out that Grover’s mom is also blue, so don’t waste your time there.)

MsWhatsit may have a point. After all, Snuffy used to be invisible, so things DO change at CTW.

A friend of mine insists that Burt died of cancer. I pointed out that he still appears on the show occassionally, but she and her husband say that they’re just old episodes, that he’s really been offed.

I’ve done a search on Google and can’t find a thing. Any ideas, conformations?

Please excuse my misspellings, for I am an idiot.

Bert is still alive. It’s just the same rumor thing as the “Ernie’s dying of leukemia” thing. (Did I spell that incorrectly?) And they’re not gay, either.

Things DO change at CTW-They’re called the Sesame Workshop now.

Here’s the Snopes link debunking the “Ernie is dead” legend:

And here’s the one debunking the “Ernie and Bert are gay” legend:

The Henson site says that the guy who does Elmo has been with Sesame Street since the 1984-1985 season, by the way. Also by the way, that site RULES. They’ve got a great Q&A section.

The guy who does Elmo is Kevin Clash, who I believe is also the head Muppeteer for the show.

Perhaps your mysterious muppet will put in an appearance if you say the lines below three times quickly:

Red Grover, Red Grover
We call Benny over.

Just a thought. Man, I need to get some sleep!