The Mystery of the Ninja Kitty Barber.

Someone is doing weird stuff to our cats.

Yesterday, my roommate noticed that his cat has a chunk of hair cut off the top/middle of her back. No real damage, just an odd bit of hair missing. It is totally noticeable, and it’s obviously the work of a pair of scissors.

Today, when he woke up, he told me about the other two cats. One cat has her whiskers lopped off on the right hand side. It’s a straight cut also, which points at someone playing with scissors again. Also, my cat Gomez has had his whiskers lopped off on the righthand side. Again, it looks like someone has been playing around. The only thing odd is that whoever trimmed Gomez’s whiskers had to go into our bedroom and also face the 27 pound beast that is Benvolio. (Not an easy thing to do, as he is very temperamental and scared of anyone but me and the Boyfriend.)

I’m confused. Who’s playing kitty barbershop? Why would anyone randomly cut the hair off Roomie’s cat? Or hack off the whiskers of the two others? I would credit the whisker thing to odd circumstance, but Gomez stays locked up in our bedroom. Isn’t it a little odd that both cats are short-whiskered on the same side? Suspects are few and far between. There’s one person in particular who could have done it, but being as she’s only two years old, and doesn’t go into our bedroom, highly unlikely. Her mother, on the other hand, could have done it, but really has no motivation or reason to do something like this.

[sub]P.S. The title was provided by Roomie-Whose-Kitty-Was-Trimmed.[/sub]

Your cats are fighting with other cats.

You’d be suprised at how regular the damage patterns are. Comes of sharp claws.

Are you sure the two-year-old has never been in your bedroom? And how close to three is s/he? It sounds exactly like the type of thing a kid would do. Kids can be plenty sneaky when they want to be, and kitty whiskers are obvious things to cut.

The real question is, where did the tot get the scissors? They must not be kid-safe, to be able to cut hair. Has the kid shown up with a weird hair-do lately?

Bosda, I would say the same thing, but the downstairs cats do not have claws. The upstairs cats (mine) still have their claws, but they don’t really fight. And I would assume that the larger cat would have some battle scars, as well.

Wintermute, she’s never been in our room. We keep the door shut, and she doesn’t go upstairs. I think she’ll be three in the fall. We did find a pair of scissors on the coffee table in the living room, and both the mom and the daughter were here all afternoon by themselves on Monday. No new hairdos recently, either.

My money is on the kid.

I’ve never seen cats lose whiskers in the manner you describe from a fight.

Some cats have an allergy to fleas that will make a clump of hair fall out but that wont explain the whiskers.