The "Mystery of Time and Space" game

In this thread, Lsura refers us to a game called “LOGAN’s Mystery Of Time And Space Adventure” (MOTAS). It’s a cool flash adventure game where you solve puzzles to make progress. It’s hard. I’ve passed a few rooms so far, and I’m thinking we can help each other out with some particularly difficult stoppage points. Teeming Millions of heads are better than one.

Has anyone else played this game before, or even beaten it (I couldn’t find any previous threads on it)?
Please post solutions to puzzles in spoiler tags, like this:

[SPOILER]This is a solution to a puzzle hidden by the spoiler tag.[/SPOILER]

So it looks like this:

This is a solution to a puzzle hidden by the spoiler tag.

To get us started, here’s the solution to the first room. No peeking unless you need it!

Get the key from under the pillow.
Use the key to open the locker.
Get the screwdriver from the box in the locker.
Use the screwdriver to unscrew the painting and take the screw.
Take the poster off the wall.
Slide the poster under the door.
Use the screw from the painting to push the key out of the keyhole on the other side of the door.
Slide the poster back into the room, with the door key on top of it.
Use the key to open the door and progress to the next room.

Pretty complex!

I wasn’t the first Doper to come across that game - there’s a whole thread about it with a bunch of stuff in spoiler tags somewhere…
Aha! Here it is

Cool, thanks Lsura. Searched boardreader for “motas” (among other searches), dunno why it didn’t come up.

Oh, and because I am an idiot, HERE is the link to the actual game.

hopefully there’ll be more of the game beyond the airlock soon

Yeah, the scrolling intro was such heavy material, I thought there’d be a little more meat to the game. I’m abandoning this thread now though, no point maintaining two currently on the same game. Go here (same thread Lsura linked to above) for more discussion of this game.

Closed at the request of the OP.