The Nahployment 'Crisis'

Out of curiosity, are those conservative friends also trumpies? Most of my conservative friends hate trump and have gotten vaccinated themselves and don’t want the government interfering with how business work with their employees. While I wouldn’t say there is support amongst them for employees mandates they are more against the government interfering.

There seems to be a widening gap between pro-business conservatives and trumpies on a variety of issues

Good point. and yes, they’re Trumpies. They call themselves “conservative,” but I don’t think they understand what true conservatism means.

Do they take her word for that?

If it’s true that you can do better on those sites by being of the right demographic then I presume that as soon as this is widely known their data will start to become useless

Yep. Trumpies contain members of the old Pat Buchanan/Ross Perot blue collar coalition. As a group, they are populists, not conservatives. Some of them are ex-Democrats, as in the Perot coalition.

Some on the right are ‘pro business’. But many others, including me, are ‘Pro market’, which is a very different thing.

Have no idea. She is a 19yo white female, however. She just had logins at multiple sites

That’s what we’re finding out at my office. The majority of those who threatened to quit have since gotten their vaccinations. Nor have we gotten as many petitions for religious exemptions we expected to receive. In fact, one employee who withdrew their religious exemption and got the vaccine which was quite a surprise as she had earlier expressed a “deeply held religious conviction” against getting the vaccine.

Where I live, it seems that full-body tattoos are a REQUIREMENT for a job. Back when I was job-hunting, more than once I was told, “You should put on some temporary tattoos and fake body piercings, and go apply for a job, just to see what would happen.”

I’m so glad I’m self-employed.

I don’t think that follows - those sites want to know what 19-yo white females want, so more data is better. Now, if a lot of that desired demographic starts showing up the price they for them may go down, but that is a different issue.

I think the implication was people lying to say they are a valued demographic.

My kid didn’t lie, she just signed up to multiple survey/marketing sites as herself.

Speaking as a 19-yo white female, I’m offended at the notion that you think I might lie about that just to make money!

What was that URL again?

join date says 2002… 2021-2002=19… hmm…


Who are you going to believe, me, or your lying math? :rage:

If you’re applying for a position with Whole Foods I think tattoos can only help your candidacy.

I don’t think a Harley dealership will hire you without at least one tattoo sleeve.

Some years ago when DesertStepdaughter was a teen when we came to Phoenix to see the family at Christmas she got a Tower Records gift card.*

I took her to a local store to cash it in and as we were leaving she said, “Well that settles it – there are no freaky people in Ahwatukee. Not on tattoo on either the workers or any customers.”

*Shows how long ago this was.

…and they’re not gonna take it anymore!

Geez, why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

“But more importantly, it changed its approach: Instead of only focusing on the needs of the business, it’s now closely working with each employee to tailor their schedules based on when they want to work.” E.g. just not requiring weekends
Check out the prices. These fuckers can’t pay better?

Local pizza place forced to close on Sunday due to lack of staff. They seem to be doing the right thing by at least raising wages to $18

And yet when you scroll through their Twitter, they seem to blame everyone else for their problems. In particular, this gem where they blame customers for being upset with the slow service.

It’s not “doing the right thing” when they’ve run out of all the other “fuck the workers” options first.