The nefarious organizers of the National Prayer Breakfast

This article from Harper’s describes a pseudo-Christian organization that has ties to and influences a gaggle of congressmen and big-business leaders and has been doing so since the 1940s. But apparently “The Family,” as it is called, is so secret that I can’t find anything else about it on the web.

What’s the story here, fellow dopers? I don’t regularly read Harper’s but I take it that conspiracy theories are not their usual fare.

On the contrary- conspiracy theories ARE their usual fare, and have been for as long as Lewis Lapham has been their editor.

Still kinda creepy. I wondered where all those neo-conservatives sprung up from. Everybody’s so damn sick of politics that the average Joe doesn’t bother to run anymore. When he does, he faces a secret society. It should be pretty easy for them to take advantage of the malaise.

Where all the neo-conservatives “sprung from”? “Secret society”? Are you serious?

The leading neoconservatives have been mighty public for decades. They’ve been writing in magazines like Commentary and the Weekly Standard, as well as more traditional conservative publications like national Review since the mid-Seventies! They’ve been making television appearances, writing books, and saying exactly what they stand for in a VERY public manner. For Pete’s sake, if you want to know what Wiliam Kristol stands for, you
don’t have to attend prayer breakfasts or learn secret handshakes- all you ever had to do was tune in to “This Week” with David Brinkley or Cokie Roberts, and you could have heard exactly what he stands for.

Ironically, though the neoconservatives in the Bush administration have received an awful lot of notoriety and attention from the Left, the truth is that the great majority of the neocons were NEVER in Bush’s corner. Most of the neocons were John McCain supporters!

Help me out here. What, more precisely and narrowly, is the General Question here?

I don’t know, but I swear there have been some really weird GQ posts over the past few days.

Sorry. I was interested in whether there were other sources than this single reporter in the link that make similar claims about “The Family.”