The Neverending Weekend at Bernies Phenomenon

Summer technically beings on June 21, but as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t officially begin until the first TV airing of Weekend at Bernies. And my friends, today is that day! The summer’s first showing of Weekend at Bernies! Let the summer fun begin!
But this is only the beginning. For you see, once the first airing of Weekend at Bernies occurs, it induces an avalance effect wherein this lovely movie is presented to us at least three times a week for the entire remainder of the summer. It seems no matter what time, some channel, somewhere, is airing this goddamn movie!!

So board up the windows! Batton down the hatches! Its time for the annual W@B hurricane onslaught!!

Cafe Society.

C’mon Weekend at Bernies fans (or haters) I know you’re out there.

Weekend at Bernie’s is playing right now. Today is May 5th. Global warming has obviously brought summer earlier this year.

It was on DirecTV weeks ago.

Since when is Weekend At Bernie’s a summer movie?

Everyone knows the summer movie is Jaws!