The new Bourne movie

I’m seeing trailers popping up on the tube for the fourth Bourne film, The Bourne Legacy. For some reason I thought Matt Damon was going to be in this one, also, but it appears Jeremy Renner is going to be the action star, and the regrettable Edward Norton is in it as well. Lots of action in the trailer; I just hope the story line works as well as its predecessors.

I am pretty sure I’m gonna see this one cuz I LOVE Jeremy Renner, even though I HATE Ed Norton,

Movie does look cool though

This. And since Norton’s character seems like the asshole we’re supposed to hate, he’s fine for the part. :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks fun.

I had originally just thought that Renner would be taking over the same role from Damon, but it appears that he’s just a new “Bourne” agent, which I like a lot more.

Hmmm…I like Norton but don’t like Renner, so I guess each his own.

But I’ll watch this because even though I was kinda meh on the first three movies because Bourne is one of the only franchises I can think of that gets better with each installment. I didn’t like the first one, was ambivalent about the second while the third rose to the level of marginally entertaining. So I’ll keep watching, since at the current rate of improvement, the eleventh or twelfth instalment will be the greatest action movie ever made, and I want to be filled in on the backstory.

I can’t see or hear the name Edward Norton without thinking of Ralph Kramden’s second banana. It’s like hearing the William Tell Overture.

Kramden’s Ed Norton in a Bourne movie would be hilarious. “Hey, Jason boy!”

Must be age.

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The Regrettable Ed Norton should be his official stage name.

How this whiny, pinched face guy ever got a part is a mystery to me. Maybe he was riding on Renee Zellweger’s coattails.

You mean other than being a genuinely good actor? (although I’ll admit, hopelessly miscast for the last decade or so). I’ll second that Norton was born to play a certain type of two-faced bureaucratic villain, so this might be a good use of his legitimate skills.

It’s not a Robert Ludlum story any more either. The series from Legacy onward is written by Eric Van Lustbader. Who’s making the new film?

Apparently this is a one-off intermediate film, and Matt Damon has every intention of returning to the role in the next one, if there is one.

Sweet, with all of the returning actors, it looks like it should tie in a lot of things from the first three movies. I’ll be seeing it. I hope it’s in 3D.

The first movie drew some characters and elements from the Robert Ludlum story of the same name and then wandered off into unexplored territory. The second and third films shared names with Ludlum books, and little else.


I’m very excited about this. I like Renner, I love Norton. I, too, heard Damon will return to the next movie. I love the franchise.

From what I’ve read, Matt Damon is not doing another* Bourne* movie unless Paul Greengrass directs and Paul Greengrass is definitely not doing another Bourne movie.

I wish he’d do another one with Doug Liman. I still think the first one was the best (even if it was far from perfect as well).

Agreed (though I think it was closer to perfect than you do). Plus he actually knew how to film action scenes.


The direction in the second and third Bourne movies was the worst part. They’re the movies most damaged by shakey cam action film style, and the cuts are just too fast. Some of the scenes, like surveillance and pursuit are well directed, but the action sequences are mangled (made all the more tragic because you can tell there’d be an awesome action scene under all that crap) and I’d much rather have another director.

Did you read them?? I did… and sure for transfer to movie format there was a change… but probably no more than from the newest edition… movie that is… there are 6 or 7 new books