The new Canadian $20 is too cool to spend!

Barbarian, I suspect, is talking about the sculpture of Raven releasing the first men, which is on the bottom left of the reverse.

And I think you’re talking about the canoe one (I’ve seen different names for it) that’s slightly to the right of centre of the reverse.

Mr Jim, I can’t see "Star Trek money being an insult, though I suspect gold-pressed latinum is still a few years away :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, someone obviously thought it was counterfeit. There was one laying in the trough of the bank machine next to mine. I hope they realized their mistake and returned for it before some dishonest person made off with it.

I’m talking about the canoe one, yes. At the embassy it is titled “The Spirit of Haida Gwaii” or something similar (haven’t been there since July 1).

Who’s the old lady?

On my way to the bus station Saturday morning I stuck my card in a money machine at Yonge and Bloor and got back a whole stack* of the new twenties. It was Extremely Cool. I’d gotten one a week ago, but I had to ask for it at the bank, and I was conserving it. Now I could use them to buy bus tickets and everything!

I feel more stylish with them in my wallet. :slight_smile:

Trigonal, I’m glad they got rid of the birds. They were too bloody boring. Now our currency can stand with the best in the area of cultural reference. I think they did a good design job on the twenty, and I’d rank it as number two behind the five, or possibly even in front. It’s definitely better than the hundred.

Can’t wait to see the new fifty! :slight_smile:

The Queen does look alarmingly old though. I notice that they didn’t put “H.M. Queen Elizabeth II / S.M. La Reine Élizabeth II” below the portrait, as they did with the others… maybe we’re just supposed to know? Maybe it’s a plot by (or, for that matter, against) the Monarchist League.

Eventually they’ll all have IP addresses and RFID chips and ‘electronic paper’ and will be individually and continuously revalued and redesigned by the vast cool intellects at the Bank of Canada… :slight_smile:

BTW, those art links in the OP were amazing. I was really wondering what the sculpture in the lower left looked like in the round.

[sub]* A fairly small stack, but still, a stack.