The new cool word is....


But you have to say it cool

Dude, that’s so pail. It’s totally bucket.

damn a fly just bit me

Yeah, a real hole-in-one. With leakage, even.

Real george, man.

pail. bucket. hole-in-one. leakage. george. ** = OLD AND BUSTED**
/safe ** = The New Hotness**

And I was just getting used to sphincter.

That’s what she said?

Actually, I’m sorry if that reply came off snarky…

So … confused … must … talk like … William Shatner! :confused:

:slicks back hair, throws on shades, lights up a smoke, and leans jauntily against the wall:

S’all bacon, baby.

Glad you said it… didn’t want to be the first to raise my hand to ask…

…WTF are y’all talking about? :confused:

Safe? That’s totally pail. Now, ‘bacon.’ That’s totally pants.

This is so tits!

/safe? Oh, sure, just in time for the league playoffs.

“What!? He was out by three steps!”

“Practice safe eating; always use condiments.”

“/safe?” :rolleyes:

Catch it, frankness, and put it in a box! “/safe” is so flotsam!

:cool: Now, if you had said “skulk”… :cool:

You see, this is why we need a “Cool Count” over by our location. You make a joke, worry whether I’m cool at not, then see my count at 125 (average 100) and stop worrying cause I’m cool. And with a count of 125 you’d have also known that I was making some sort of reference designed to fly over most peoples heads.