The new [del] function - WTF?

I’ve just noticed this new feature on the board.

IMHO, this has got to be the stupidest “upgrade” I’ve ever seen.

What, if any, is the point?

[del]To wittily and snappily point out where someone is being rather uptight[/del]
No reason.

You might want to rethink that, FinnAgain.

I agree. The only tag I think I’d hate more would be [blink].

As for the point…well, maybe it gives morons something to play with since they can’t have animated smilies.

In otherwords, it is to put in what you wish you could say, or put in a snarky remark which is insulting to a group, but is still mild enough not to count as a violation of rules. For example, in an ordinary post, I would be allowed to put-down the wisdom of folk beliefs anyway, but I wrote it down as if I needed to hide that fact.

Jokes are never funny when explained.

Or, you might have simply phrased it differently:

“Calamine lotion seems not to work for me, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest a homemade solution, folk remedy, or even an ‘old wives tale’ that might work on these damned things?”

BTW, a cotton swab moistened with ammonia and dabbed on the mosquito bite will relieve the itching almost immediately.

I think it’s a great alternative to the minus sign.

5[del] [/del] 2 = 3.

Or even the hyphen.

Good[del] [/del] bye.

[del]Or maybe not.[/del]

Well, I certainly didn’t consider that. Nope.

Yes, but that wouldn’t seem funny, or like you need to hide your belief that folk remedies are wrong headed. As I have said, this is a milder version of saying what you wish you could say. A real word example would be to mention Martha Stewart in public, then pretend to cough, and stage whisper the word " overachiever" in the middle of your cough.

P.S. Thank you for your suggestion. However, it is already in GQ, and I have taken the advice of another poster to squeeze the side of the bite, rather then scratch. It works quite well, and I now feel much better.

Hey, I was just letting you know that the mods might consider it being a jerk.

Do as you wish.

Oh yeah. I know. :smiley:

Actually, my reply was to FinnAgain, but if it helps you too, then it’s all good.

It was sorta kinda cute the first time I saw it, a little. After that, it’s just silly.

I suppose it might find a genuine use in game-related threads; if there’s a fixed list of players, they can be struck off as they are eliminated,

I assume they mean outside the Pit. I don’t see why the del tag would be beyond the pale but calling someone a coprophagic goat felcher would be just fine.

Looking over the linked thread again, I think dex made it quite clear.

But, hey, we’re not mods, right? So I appreciate the heads up, but I think my interpretation of what they’ve said is correct and if I’m to be slapped down by a mod, so be it.

I must have been hanging out in the wrong threads, because i’ve never seen it before now.

And i agree that it’s rather pointless.

[del]But i want to try it anyway.[/del]

I give it a month before someone gets banned for using it improperly.

I just assumed it was a tag for people in Cafe Society who want to post their fave 70s live album, One More [del]For[/del] From The Road

Is this really the best thing you can think up to bitch about?!

This place has gone soft.