The New Fall Season Announced This Week - NBC

Lies! LIES! :stuck_out_tongue:

West Wing is moving to Sundays?

Uh-oh. That’s never good.

I see potential in E-Ring and Fathom but these days I’ll wait until I hear more before I jump onto a series. Both are going to depend entirely on the execution of their concepts.

I’m rather disturbed that they feel there’s a need for a second The Apprentice, I thought the Martha Stewart version was going to be a replacement for Trump. Considdering they are apparently now casting for self-destructive, incompetant bafoons rather than just letting it come out naturally I don’t see how they could do it two nights a week when they’ve already beaten the life out of the concept with one.

It always seems to me, you can guess the ones that wont make it, by the name of the show.

My name is Earl, and Inconceiveable seem to be the first to go.

I like E-Ring, but it appears to be The West Wing:Arlington VA.

Unless Uncle Sam said “Yes” to a lot of things, this won’t go anywhere fast… Stargate and West Wing seem to have extracted all the civillian stuff already.

–Unless E-Ring becomes NBCs 24. ((Which Apparently didn’t Switch))

According to Phil Rosenthal in the Chicago Sun Times, Scrubs is being pushed back partly because Zach Braff is making a movie. He also says that this is expected to be the last season of Will & Grace and The West Wing.

I was pissed about this whole “My Name is Earl” crap instead of “Scrubs” until I saw that it has Jason Lee in it. I adore Jason Lee.

Still, as someone already said, with a stupid name like “My Name is Earl,” it’s doomed. I’ll still give it a chance, even if I do have “Goodbye, Earl,” in my head now.

Is Fathom going to be based on the comic book series by Top Cow? Those are the people who did Witchblade (which was adapted into the TV show with Yancy Butler).

I’d like to see Scrubswork around Braff’s filming schedule. They can’t do the show without JD. The longer they can keep him around the happier I am.

Fathom has nothing to do with the Michael Turner comic.

I guy I kinda know in the biz saw the pilot to Earl and says it’s the real deal. Pity about the name, though.