The New Federal Please Call Me 6 Times a Day List

We put our phone number on the federal “Don’t Call List” they day after it was announced and felt a flood of warm satisfaction. It was a matter of principle rather than an urgent need. We’ve gotten zillions of these calls in the past, but for the past year they’ve been reduced to about 3 telemarketer calls a week (since we have our phone set to block blocked calls). This past week, though we have been hit by an avalanche of pollsters, window replacement offers, cable TV specials, health surveys, septic system spiels, radio station preference queries, newspaper subscription come ons and charitable please-send-money-now requests.

So what’s going on here? Is it some kind of evil coincidence? Telemarketer karmic payback? Some kind of last gasp hurrah? Or is something more sinister afoot. Anyone else in Telemarketer Hell™?

I bet all the TM firms are getting in all their calls now before the Ocober 1 deadline, after which they cannot call you if your number is on the list.

We signed up and we get almost no calls now, compared to 6 a day before we did. I dunno what’s going on. And I bet they ARE doing one last hurrah.

Several people at work have complained about a ton of calls in the last couple of weeks, so maybe there’s something to the last hurrah theory. I wouldn’t know, since I only have a cell phone, so I never get bothered.

You don’t get em to your cell? I sure do. Whenever I have it on, I get at least 3 calls a day from () (translation: they’re blocking my Caller ID).

Nope. I’ve never had one in the year and a half I’ve had it. In fact, I could swear it’s been shown in other threads that making telemarketing calls to cell phones is illegal, since you have to pay for incoming calls.