The new Homestar Runner thread

The Homestar Runner is back! (He is a terrific athlete, in case you hadn’t heard.)

So far, there are three new toons!

Wow, I didn’t think they’d be updating it so regularly again! I’d missed the most recent toon!


There needs to be new Teen Girl Squad episodes! I’ve been jonesin!


This thread is INA-PRO-PRO!

Since this is a new thread, I’ll recommend it again. The best way to watch the Toons is with the all-in-one Homestar Runner script. It makes the videos work like real videos, with seeking and pausing, and gives you full screen and subtitles.

Also, here’s StrongBad’s Twitter. Seems he lost the Compé…

How does Strongbad using nunchuck guns with boxing gloves on?

There’s a new Halloween toon! Very fun, but as usual, the best part is guessing the various costumes worn by the characters. Did anybody guess them all?

You are my best friend and concubine.

The costumes are id’ed at the end by hovering.

(Not having playback controls is idiotic.)


First new video in a couple of years. Worth checking out. I don’t expect anything continuing from this, but it was funny and nice for the 20th anniversary.

Loved the new toon! It makes me really miss the site as a whole, tho.

On YouTube, Joseph Wolf put it best: “People need to stop calling these ‘the comeback’ and more ‘the status quo release rate of new cartoons’. We’re not going to get back to one-and-a-bit-a-week shorts.”

It’s tough when a great work of entertainment gets completely or almost completely curtailed (The Boondocks, Dykes To Watch Out For, Bitter Girl, Television Without Pity, Freakazoid, Dance Dance Revolution, and I could go on), but it happens. Find whatever alternatives you can and move on.

Most of my favourite podcasts have slowed to a crawl or recently ended. It’s quite disappointing, though in some instances it was a mercy killing as they were getting very stale.

The solution is to find new entertainment. I still have some podcasts I like to listen to, the world is far fro short of new ones, and I’ve also stumbled on a few YouTubers that are relevant to my interests, so I’m well stocked up, really.

Incidentally, Homestar Runner still put out about five new shorts in the past couple of years, and StrongBad has a Twitter account.

No, it’s not. They did 3 this year and 6 last year. And three the year before that.

At least, going by the toons page.