The "new" Last Supper painting

My dad called and said he heard on the radio about a website where you could view this new painting. Unfortunately, he forgot the web address and I was hoping one of the millions here can post a link to it.

This is the painting that is in the Boston Museum of art by some artist by the name of Ron or Rory Coxe or something like that. It is of the last supper and all the disciples are painted as black individuals except for Judas who is painted white. Can anyone help?

Where are you SMACKFU? Don’t you know this one? You seem to get all the other threads right.
It has been 10 minutes. Don’t let me down dopers. According to my dad (the man who can do anything) there has been alot of controversy about this painting, so it has to be in the news somewhere. I just don’t know where.

I think I know what he’s talking about…

…if you substitute Brooklyn for Boston. And if the artist’s name is Renee Cox. If that’s right, then the piece is called “Yo Mama’s Last Supper”. And it is 12 black disciples with Jesus portrayed as a nude female. It’s causing a big stir in NYC right now.

I can’t find a good picture of it on the web though. I think you can get the idea from what Yahoo has:

Thank You! I knew you had to have an answer. You always do!!

It was up on the front page of for three days in a row, you just missed it. If you navigate there, you can still find the story on it, with the picture reproduced.

IMHO, Renée Cox quite justifiably integrated her contemporary sense with the classical canons of Christian iconography (including the nudes of the Italian Renaissance). If it’s kosher to portray God as a white man, why not a black woman? Fair is fair.

Go to: and take a look at their photography section. It is displayed there now.

[hijack]Another interesting one is in Chicago, called “The Last Pancake Breakfast.” Artist says it’s about how advertising affects us. In Jesus’ place is Mrs. Butterworth, and instead of the Apostles, Aunt Jemima and some cereal characters, including Snap, Crackle, Pop, Cap’n Crunch, Quisp, Tony the Tiger, and the Trix Rabbit, to name a few.

Sorry for the hijack but on the site about Renee Cox they show some of her other photgraphy.

One of the pictures shows a naked white woman “praying” to a black model in a Nun’s clothing. What was she attempting to say here?

And mobo85 is there anywhere that the art that you described can be seen on the internet? I looked and only found information on when the such-and-such pancake supper is. :slight_smile:

Very interesting thread though.