The New Law & Order Series

What is the story with all the Oz actors popping up on Law & Order?

On the original series, they replaced the shrink with “Shillinger”, and on the new one, they have “Beecher’s” gay roommate as the cop, and I saw (drool) “O’Reilley” as “Munch’s” new partner…are the producers related or just big fans of OZ?

I am not really thrilled with the new series, I think it is the female cop…no chemistry there at all…

Anyone else have a thought on this?

The great thing about L&O (The Original Series) is that the show is about the crime and the court room not the people (characters).

This new show (SVU for short) seems like it is going to try to be more “NYPD Blue”-like (more about the characters). Although I like NYPD Blue, so far SVU has failed to impress. I currently give it 4/10 with two strikes … one more episode, if I don’t rescore it at least a 6 or higher it is off my TV watch list.

I agree the female cop is too weak to be on the SVU and it detracts from the show. She seems whiny. Yuck. Also, I can do without that conspiracy theory clown from Homicide.

What more could you expect from somebody who lets people kick him to the head?

On the whole, I’d have to say I liked the two episodes so far. I agree with glitch on the clown. Female cop has room to develop, IMO. And I like Florek’s character. Plots are O.K.

Let’s give them a couple more episodes.

I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the new show. Do they do the courtroom part too?

Just another example of a “spin off” not reaching the expectations of the viewing public.

Should have just marketed it as “from the producers of L&O”, and reutilize the elements which worked best from L&O – the focus on crime and prosecution, taking real life cases and changing them just enough so they don’t get sued and we know what they’re doing, and the “behind the doors” twists both in the squad room and DA’s office.

No other OZ fans out there huh?

I haven’t seen the new L&O show yet, but does it have Steven Hill/Adam Schiff in it? I’m sure he’s paid his dues, but he’s got the easiest gig in acting now, showing up for one or two scenes, grumpily saying in every show: “Tough case. See if they’ll take a plea” and then slouching out the door.

Hill has paid a few dues. Or, if you don’t call them “dues,” then call them character.
He was in “Mission Impossible” during it’s first season and was replaced by Peter Graves.
Hill requested he be replaced.
He walked away from a successful series because his scenes had to be shot on Saturday.
It conflicted with his faith.

Kelli, I agree that the female cop is a problem. In watching both episodes so far, I’ve wanted to smack her numerous times. For example, in one case where they’re questioning a witness (the married newsguy, I think), she just keeps being nasty to him while they’re trying to get information. I just wanted to yell, “Shut up!” at the TV. Her character shows little empathy, which one would think would be in high demand in a “special victims unit” – not to mention in getting viewers to like the show.