The New Name For "Southern Sudan" Should Be...

I’ve seen a lot of article on the Internet of what name the region of “South Sudan” should be named should it vote to be independent, which is almost certain to happen.

I’ve seen a list so far

[li]The Nile Republic[/li][li]Cush (Kush)[/li][li]South Sudan[/li][li]Southern Sudan[/li][li]Equatoria[/li][li]New Sudan[/li][li]Juba[/li][/ul]

There are a lot of others I’ve seen.

So what in your opinion should the new nation be called?

I don’t like the Nile Republic as it’s too long. Why not call it just “Nile.” I mean we have Niger which is also the name of the river Niger.

Cush (Kush) people weren’t really affiliated with that area, but other African nations take names from peoples not close to their present areas.

Equatoria was the name of a province in Sudan when Egypt/UK ruled it so that has colonial overtones to it.

New Sudan? Well Old Sudan may not like it :smiley:

Juba, I hate when a nation just takes the name of the capital city for the name of the country. Are you listening Djibouti?

So what would you think would be a good name?


East Central African Republic? No, too derivative.

There are many different languages and ethnic groups there, so you can’t pick one of those for the name.

I would go for something with panache. How about
The Great People’s Republic of the Territories of Bahr el Gazal, Equatoria, and the Upper Nile.

Or if you like something short:
Sosu (Southern Sudan)
Uni (Upper Nile, also sounds like the beginning of the word “United”)
UYAB (Up Yours, Al-Bashir!)

how about what I see at the Wikipedia page?
Janūb as-Sūdān which means, I presume, Southern Sudan


Coupe - yes, a cut-down sudan … what? After all had Khartoum as it’s capital …

Susan Daniel

But from the Wikipedia article it seems to pretty clearly be headed for Southern Sudan.

Upper Sudan–just to mess with people who struggle with the whole “the Nile flows from South to North” thing. (“But how can it be upper if it’s below the other Sudan on the map?!?”)


Africa already has a Chad so I recommend naming the new country Jeremy.

Obviously, Baja Sudan.

SoSu - they’ve got to attract the hipsters.


Lower Victoria?
Free State of Juba?
White Nile Republic?
Middle North East Africa?

I have that same problem with Upper Canada and Lower Canada… And I was born in Canada.


Guinea Guiana.

Given the massive poverty I think we can all agree that they’re best option is to auction off naming rights to a large multinational corporation or billionaire. :slight_smile:


I think they should just say “Screw it” and name themselves Disneyland. What’s Disney going to do? Invade?


Sudan, Sudan bo Budan,
Banana fanna fo Fudan,
Fee fy mo Mudan, Sudan!