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7 year old kids crashing their bicycles while talking on their cell phones. There is a local 2nd grader that has had her cell phone taken away from her several times while in class at school. A few days ago, she was hit by a car on her way home from school while talking on her cell phone. Fortunately she was wasn’t seriously hurt.

This cell phone thing has really gotten out of hand, IMHO.

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Are there any more kids-on-bikes accidents due to cell phones as compared to kids just being their normal, distracted, fooling-around, oblivious selves?

Well to answer the original post general question, yes…

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At age 13-ish I crashed my bike into the back of a parked car while reading a paperback. This was in the 1960s.

Inappropriate multitasking & attention fixation are not new-fangled features of kids. They’ve been that way for centuries.

Hell, I wasn’t even reading a book, just daydreaming about something. Got home and my mom asked why my nose was green, which really confused me as the car I ended up on the roof of appeared to be black.

When I was 9 or 10, could’ve been as old as 11, I was riding my bike down the street with no hands on the handlebars. My foot slipped backwards, so instead of peddling forward, I slammed on the brake. The front wheel turned, and I flipped over the handlebars, plowing facefirst into the street.

Stitches ensued in my lip and chin.

Still, I have to say the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen along the OP’s idea is a guy riding a motorcycle with a cell phone crooked between his ear and shoulder.

Along the same lines, but multiplied 100 times…

Whenever I read about someone getting hurt doing something really stupid I take a deep breath and repeat to myself quietly…

…survival of the fittest… thinning the herd… natural selection…

As much as I agree that your average seven-year-old is easily distracted and will hurt themselves without technology, WTF do they need a cell phone to begin with?

Worried parents are worried. It’s easier to feel secure about your children if they have a way to contact you if they get into trouble, or get lost, or decide they’re too tired and need a ride home, or who knows what.