The newest recruit in the war against Xenu!
Katie Holmes now loves Big Brother.

Why do Hollywood/show biz types keep falling for Scientology??!? What the hell is it with these people?

Scientology deliberately targets them, since they can hold them up as examples of people in their group who are attractive and successful. L. Ron himself started this ball rolling by trying to recruit influential people in all fields in the 1950s. Today, Scientology has a special branch in Hollywood (not the storefront on Hollywood Boulevard) that caters to show-biz types, who apparently get cushier treatment than your ordinary guy-off-the-streets. I don’t doubt that the stars get some assistance out of this, but that the Scientology organization also demands some payback. I suspect they’ve been after Cruise to recruit a high-profile female star, which explains why he was after Nicole Kidman to convert, and why Holmes has now.

That or blackmail. Depending on who you ask.

A good source for anyone wanting to know more about this so-called “religion” is Bigger Secrets by William Poundstone, pgs 58-62. It’s a good, concise overview of their beliefs and procedures.I spent several years in Clearwater, FL, which is the Scientology training headquarters. The trainees are outfitted in pseudo-naval uniforms and housed, sometimes 4-6 to a room, in an old apartment complex and an old QI motel in town. As a “religion”, they attempted to evade taxes on these properties, as well as the Ft. Harrison Hotel (their HQ). I believe they lost that battle, as well as subsequent attempts to gain control of the city government. When you read the excerpt from Poundstone’s book, ask yourself, “How does anyone hear this and not LTAO?” :confused:

I have Poundstone’s book, but there are much better places to get info. Try

Also, Dianetics appears to be a potentially at-least-superficially successful pseudo-
psychotherapy. One repeatedly relates one’s life traumas until one becomes desensitized to the memories. Superficial relief is attained. Of course, one never runs out of things which can be interpreted as traumatic, in this life or in “previous ones” G. Anyway, one gets so emotionally & then financially invested in a therapy which probably costs no more than psychoanalysis, but also promises potential Deification, which - lets face it- is a potential big-draw for celebs. :wink: