The news, in the UK, is double plus good

I had to share, somehow I didn’t hear that the bastion of tea break goodness, the Wispa bar, is being brought back by Cadburies.

Also, having lost Sky One, Virgin Media has seized Star Trek in the UK, so freeviewers and basic cable viewers can watch again.

Ok, not great, but it made my day :slight_smile:

Glad to hear someone is getting the breaks. All my favorite brands of everything have been edged out of my closest store, so I go quite a ways for them now.
Once in a while, when in other places I’ll find favorite candy from my childhood that I thought was gone forever. I buy all they have and have a royal pig-out.

I won’t be happy until they bring back Kellogg’s Golden Crackles. I think I was the only person in the UK who liked them. Best cereal ever.

Freeview and Virgin Media? Which channel?

Is it Virgin Freeview - the one that comes free with broadband?

As for the Wispa - it’s nothing more than an Aero with an identity crisis.

(Actually I loved them - when did they go off the market? I seem to remember an ill-conceived caramel Wispa that probably brought them down.)

If they bring back the Wispa Gold too, I’ll be in heaven.

Well Wispa is denser than Aero and also by a different manufacturer. :slight_smile:
I hadn’t notice it go. I have seen the disturbing looking Creme Egg bars and haven’t ventured to try one as yet. In Ireland the good news is I’ve unearthed my
sandwich toaster, making toasted treats for all.

Wispa Gold bars were all kinds of awesome.

No, it seems to be a new channel called Virgin 1, which is going to replace FTN. Looks like being Virgin’s equivalent to Sky 1, or so I gather from googling – this is first I’ve heard of it.

I’m a Virgin customer, damn it! They should be telling me these things!

That’s the one I described as ill-conceived. It’s the soft-centred shite of Satan.

A Wispa was just plain good, the caramel they added just fucked up the smoothness of the whole affair (an Aero is just too harsh a chocolate bar)

What fresh madness is this? The Mint Aero is, well, *mint *.

Alright everybody, It’s OK to burn him now.

And then can we move onto those who question the awesomeness of Wispa Gold?