the next book

Is it not about time for another Straight Dope book?

Not in light of how the last ones have been (not) selling.

At least that’s what little Ed says.

Well, you know, there are hidden benefits.

I became aware of the Straight Dope by reading the Austin Chronicle, a newspaper which carries the column.

Because of this, I became interested in the first Straight Dope book, which I purchased. Shortly thereafter, I found the other books in a discount bookstore… a place which sells off publisher overruns for a fraction of retail cost.

I liked 'em a lot, which led me to the web site, and eventually caused me to discover the message board, and ultimately resulted in my becoming a charter member.

Consequently, the low sales of Cecil’s later books are directly responsible for my presence here; if not for the later books being cheaply availaible, I would likely never have gone to the trouble.


…of course, now that I think about it, my presence here doesn’t exactly generate a whole lot of revenue for the Chicago Reader or Cecil or even Little Ed. At least, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

But, hey… they could be broke AND not have me to kick around.

So it’s a net benefit, yes?