“The nightmare before Christmas” is 10 years old..

Time to feel old?

Nah, That would be the spookiest feeling of all. :slight_smile:

However, this is an appreciation thread of one of my favorite movies, with a few questions too.

Owning the special edition one has access to treats like Franken weenie and my favorite short: Vincent, narrated of course by Vincent Price!
I am glad they did not use the alternate ending were the boogie man turned to be the Dr!

For a treat, read: Picture Perfect: Working on “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Paul Jessel:

So, what happened to the group that made the movie, Skellington Productions?

Any other sites with more info on the movie?

Quotes and info welcomed.

Blockbuster was closed when we tried to rent it tonight. I’m upset. It’s kind of a Halloween and Christmas tradition.

Yea, I feel old. I caught it in the theater!

10 years?! How is that possible?

That’s one of my favorite movies – one of four for which I own the soundtrack. I sometimes identify strongly with Jack.

Nothing else to add, really. Carry on.

What a great movie, and the DVD just rocks. Vincent is fantastic, though I wasn’t as impressed with Frankenweenie.

Danny Elfman is a genius of course, but we knew that.

Just remarkable how they made it. There’ll likely never be another claymation movie of it’s caliber again.

Mayor: Jack, please, I’m only an elected official here, I can’t make decisions by myself!

You’ve poisoned me for the last time, you wretched girl!

Nice work, bone-daddy.

Jack Skellington in Christmas town: “[singing] There’s children busy throwing snowballs instead of throwing heads. There’s people building toys, absolutely no one’s dead! What’s this?!?!?!”

And a bit of trivia:

Lock, one of Boogie’s kids, had the voice of Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman!

They made James and the Giant Peach (with a cameo appearance by Jack Skellington) but since then, nothing. Maybe they all went to work for Aardman?

I used to work with a guy that looked and moved like Jack Skellington.

Henry Selick, the director of both Nb4C and J&tGP went on to direct the disastrous Monkeybone. Budgeted at $75M, it made back less than $6M. Creatively ambitious, the execution was stillborn, most of the acting is terrible (with the amazing exception of Chris Kattan), and the movie goes nowhere fast. Selick, according to the IMDB, has another film coming out next year, but it’s hard to tell whether it’s animated or not (it’s based on the Neil Gaiman children’s book Coraline).

It wasn’t made by Claymation[sup]®[/sup], nor were the figures made of clay. The term you are looking for is “stop motion animation”. In this case, the figures had up to 400 different heads, each with a different facial expression.

And bear in mind that Aardman movies like Wallace and Gromit and the recent Chicken Run are made by a similar stop-motion technique.

I am absolutely in love with the movie - a long with all other Tim Burton movies.

Kiiiiidnap the Sandy Claws!

If the film is ten years old, what does that make me :eek:
Such a wonderful film, thanks for the reminder, off to buy the DVD.

About a week before Halloween, I decided to go out and purchase this DVD. I went to about 10 stores before I found it so apparently the DVD is quite popular. Plus you get 4 fastpasses to the Haunted Mansion /Nightmare Before Xmas ride at Disneyland inside the DVD. An extra bonus indeed.

I hadn’t seen the film since it was in the theaters. I loved it even more. Fantastic score! And the interweaving of halloween and Christmas is so brilliant

I bought it on VHS. I MIGHT buy it on DVD, don’t know…I am not a Disneyland customer (I don’t travel) so the fastpasses are of no use to me at all.

Walloon wrote

Wumpus wrote

My bad. correction: There’ll likely never be another stop-motion animation movie of it’s caliber again.

You’ve poisoned me for the last time, you wretched girl!

My eldest son is a lot like me, and when he was very young, my wife used to joke with the (incorrect as it turns out) line when Dr. Finkelstein puts half his brain in his new creation “oh, the conversations we’ll have!”

Of course, the correct line is “You will be a decided improvement over that treacherous Sally. We’ll have conversations worth having.”

Am I the only one who sings along with Oogie Boogie?

I really think that this movie must be OWNED, and watched over and over, so that we can really appreciate all the little touches. I was charmed on my first viewing when I realized that the Mayor had two faces…