The Obligatory, Annual Billie Jo thread

Funny, it doesn’t seem like another sleepy dusty delta day.

It is a bit gloomy and cold, I could see Billie Jo being depressed though…

The water level of the Tallahatchee has been down lately. I wonder if Billie Joe drowned or broke his neck from the fall?

I’m on a diet, so no biscuits for me. But some greens would be nice, if they haven’t been sitting all day in that heart-attack sauce Mama calls pot likker.

Those McAllisters never did have no sense.

I think the mule may have a touch of colic.


The plow is broken, so forget about those other 5 acres…

Brother said “I heard he got all drunk and caught teh gay;
those 5 acres ain’t worth a nickel, anyway”

I work with a woman named Billie Jade, see has no sense of humor about this.

Brother and Becky lost the store in Tupelo. Hard Times.

Has anyone ever lived in a town where nothin’ ever comes to no good? Sometimes I feel like my town is like that.

I hear Brother Taylor’s up for parole next month. Be nice if we could all drop him a line and show our support.

Can’t do it. Next month is when they change movies at the Carroll County picture show, and I want to get there early.

::chew:: Could someone please pass the molasses? These biscuits are goooood!