The Odd Couple casting

In today’s paper, Cindy Adams mentioned that an updated version of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple (called “Felix and Oscar”) will be opening in New York on June 11.

She mentioned several pairings for the casting of the lead roles (and, in the process, admitted that these castings won’t happen). Nonetheless, her ideas were interesting.

The ones she mentioned were:

[li]Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick[/li][li]Jason Alexander & Michael Richards[/li][li]Kelsey Grammer & Danny DeVito (!!!)[/li][li]Cuba Gooding & Eddie Murphy[/li][/ul]

What other good pairings can we Dopers come up with?

Zev Steinhardt

[sub] BTW, mods, if you feel that this would be better in IMHO, please feel free to move it. I just figured that since TOC is a well-known play, movie and TV show, CS would be best. But if I’m wrong…[/sub]

I think any of those combinations would be fantastic! Especially the Grammar/DeVito and Gooding Jr./Murphy combos. I can’t top them. Sad, aren’t I?